Sacred + Unleashed

Ready to unlock YOUR next level of ABUNDANCE?

Join our sanctuary for old souls to dissolve the blocks standing between you and everything you want.


Stop going in circles. Release your Scarcity Wound from your mind, energy + body using the Superconscious Method and quantum leap your next level of abundance with ease and flow because you’re finally in alignment with your heart’s desires.


Learn how to recognize and dissolve the blocks standing between you and everything you want with the support of an experienced guide and a community of old souls with a shared intention of creating abundance.


You wouldn’t have a desire if you weren’t capable of creating it. Discover what’s possible when you’re fully unleashed in your mind, body, spirit and energy and create the change you’re destined for.

Welcome, old soul

Sacred + Unleashed is for the deeply feeling seekers who are called to more.

More freedom, more purpose, more abundance.

This is for the ones in the room who say something way too deep, way too fast. 

It’s for the spiritual entrepreneurs, lightworkers, and seekers with a big mission.

And it’s for the ones they would have burned as a witch 500 years ago because your magical existence was too great a threat to colonial belief structures.


This is for those who are ready to...

to stop going in circles

Every day feels like groundhog day. You’re going through the motions and the autopilot has blurred the days, months, and even years. 

break free of the grind

Something inside you knows you’re meant for more and it’s screaming to break free of the daily hustle and grind.

End the Cycle of burnout

It feels like the harder you work, the harder it gets, and it’s exhausting. You’re ready to try another way because this one? A sure-fire path to burnout.

"What you're seeking is seeking you."

– Rumi

Imagine this...


You wake up with a sense of freedom and curiosity for what the day will bring. You know that you’re divinely guided and you check in with your higher guidance before taking aligned action with ease and flow.

focused manifestation

You become a magnet for what you want because you know you’re both worthy of having it and capable of creating it. Manifestation comes naturally to you because you’re an energetic match for the things you want.

You know + love yourself

Does it get easier? Yes. Not because hard things stop happening (they don’t), but because you get stronger. Instead of getting stuck for months, years, or lifetimes, you come together each week with your soul family and clear what’s weighing you down so you can continue moving forward in a life you love.


It unleashed me...

“It brought abundance into my life and showed me that when I invest in myself it will return to me in unexpected ways. It unleashed me, I no longer restrict or hide my true self.”

Jessica G.

Hi, I’m Abigail

I can’t tell you how often I talk to old souls who are struggling to have the abundance and fulfillment they deserve and crave.

They tell me, ‘I don’t know what do next’ and ‘It feels like a constant uphill battle.’

Can you relate?

If so, Sacred + Unleashed is designed for you. In this membership, I will help you go from stuck and struggling to abundant and fulfilled.

I can do this because I’ve been where you are, and I know what it really takes to shift every layer of what’s holding you back. 

Not so long ago, I was terrified of being cancelled for being too ‘woo’ if I came out of the spiritual closet.

I was terrified of charging $40 for a one-on-one shamanic healing session.

I paid for 6 months of one-on-one business coaching and did NONE of the work my coach gave me because I was always too ‘busy’. 

I signed up for training after training in the hopes that I would then finally be good enough to start charging for my work…

It wasn’t until I worked on clearing my abundance blocks every night for over a month that everything started to changed. 

A soulmate client found me in the MOST synchronistic way. We did beautiful work together, which led to her telling her friends, which turned into more and more people reaching out to work with me (despite my then ZERO marketing effort).

My one-on-one work led to sharing my story on podcasts and filling a high-end group mentorship program with even more dream clients.

And I found a place where I wasn’t too much. Where people WANTED all the magical gifts that I used to hide for fear of being too much.

It turned out that the things I was afraid of being cancelled for were actually THE EXACT superpowers that enabled me to help my soulmate clients step into their power. 💁🏻‍♀️

In fact, my mentorship students were RELIEVED to have a safe space to let out their witchy side too. 

We created a container where it was CELEBRATED to be seen as the powerful, magical beings that we are. 

And in addition to all this, I went on to develop my Medicine Within Method where I certify coaches around the world in my trauma healing framework that I distilled from over 8 years of training in shamanic Chinese medicine, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, medical qigong therapy, and yoga.

But all of this? It began with clearing my abundance blocks.

And now I’m here to help you clear yours, so you can have the abundance you’re meant for.

The Superconscious Method

The Superconscious Method is a way of rapidly clearing unconscious, energetic, and physical blocks from a person’s mind, body and spirit with focused clearing techniques while in a divinely supported and protected space that bridges the conscious and subconscious mind.

Sacred + unleashed membership includes:

Weekly live classes

Each week, we come together over Zoom for live classes where we work in the Superconscious Method to rapidly clear what has been blocking, stopping and holding you back from achieving the abundance you want.

A sanctuary for old souls

Our community focuses on creating a safe and sacred place for old souls and intuitives to connect and support each other. It’s a lot easier and WAY more fun to work with a soul family who have shared intentions than trying to figure it out alone.

Empowering Tools

You’ll learn simple, powerful techniques to clear your own energy and connect with your divine guidance so you can know what steps to take and when.

Holistic Transformation

We’re the only membership to address every layer of mind, body, spirit, energy, and action to create real and rapid transformation with personalized support in each live class.

Live Trainings Vault

You’ll have access to previous classes and trainings where we dive deep into wholeness, abundance, visibility and purpose.

Guest teachers

You’ll get to learn from expert teachers and healers as they guide us through profound lessons and transformation.

 I invite you to take a moment to imagine what’s possible for you…

What would it be like to...
Stop the worry and doubt because you know you're divinely guided and supported each step of the way? You use your higher guidance to make soul-aligned decisions with the kind of knowing Taylor Swift has that she's going to sell out a stadium.
Not get stuck on the sticky stuff
You know that when the sh!t hits the fan, you're supported AND you have the tools to clear things as they come up. No longer does it knock you off your feet for weeks, months, or more.
Embody the frequency of abundance
Things that used to feel impossible are showing up in the most magical and synchronistic ways because you know and embody the energy of what you wish to create in your life.

I want you to know that you really can have it all.


Will I be able to attend the live classes?
The class schedule will be released at the beginning of each month and times will rotate to accommodate different time zones and schedules.
What if I can't attend live?
All classes will be recorded and available for replay in case you're not able to attend live.
Will this work for me?
The only way it won't work is if you don't do it. Your willingness to show up with an open heart and mind is the foundation of any transformation, and this course is no exception.
How does cancellation work?
You are free to cancel your membership any time. A cancellation will be reflected in your next billing cycle.
Is this right for me?
If you have a genuine openness and desire to release what is blocking you from have the life you want and you're willing to show up for yourself, then yes.
Is this a safe space for me?
We strive to create an open, loving, and accepting space for old souls. We ask members to help in co-creating this space by taking care and responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, actions, and needs.

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