A mastermind for spiritual women who are ready to rapidly shift blocks and gain ass-kicking focus, abundance & impact in their coaching business.


Everyone is equal and has their turn to be coached in the 'support seat'. Each week, we'll take turns facilitating and coaching using our favourite tools; from energy healing to life coaching, all gifts are welcome.


This is a confidential, judgement-free, permission-based container where you can be open and honest with your struggles and get compassionate support from other women coaches and entrepreneurs.


We meet weekly over Zoom to break through the blocks we all face around worthiness & visibility so we can gain incredible momentum & create the impact we're destined for.


If you're anything like me, you know you were meant for SO MUCH MORE but you're coming across so many roadblocks to growing your business and it feels like you're moving at the speed of molasses.

Having seen client after client rapidly shift the familial, ancestral and past life traumas that were standing between them and everything they wanted, I know the power that coaching has to completely transform our lives.

As spiritual women coaches, we have the tools we need to overcome the blocks that we all face in growing our businesses. And while coaching ourselves is possible, having a guide who can stand outside of the shitstorm and guide us through our blind spots is invaluable.

That's why I created this free mastermind for spiritual women entrepreneurs to raise each other up and create the massive abundance and impact we're meant for.


We'll meet for an hour over Zoom at the same agreed upon time (TBD) each week to coach & be coached through the blocks we all face as women entrepreneurs: worthiness, visibility, confidence and money mindset.

As we transform these blocks, we'll also get super clear on how we want our businesses to look and hold each other accountable on taking inspired action one step at a time to manifest our higher vision.

We are stronger together than we are apart, so let's create the businesses of our dreams and grow exponentially in a safe, supported and transformative space.

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*We will never sell, rent or share personal information.