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October 12th, 2023


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Sacred Calling

3 days to awaken your medicine & FOLLOW YOUR soul PATH

If you’re a seeker ready to answer your higher calling, this free 3-day awakening journey is for you!

Join the Awakening Journey

Join us below if you’re ready to find what you’ve been searching for from the purest source available: your own truth.  

day 1

Activate Your MEDICINE

We all come into the world with a set of gifts that only you have by being the fullest expression of your true self. 

On day 1, we’ll activate your medicine like a lightswitch that takes you from fumbling in the dark to seeing exactly what step to take next.

day 2

Meet Your Higher Self

What if you could speak directly with your higher self to find out the fastest, easiest way to pivot into your most fulfilling, soul-aligned life? 

On day 2, we’ll go on a shamanic journey to meet your higher self so you can get a divine download of answers to your most important questions.

day 3

Awaken Your Soul Path

On day 3, we’ll connect with your fully aligned, abundant, fulfilled future self so you can discover what your heart and soul truly want for you and open a portal to making it your new reality.

meet your guide

Abigail Moss, shamanic healer & teacher

You know you’re meant for so much more. Even though you don’t yet know what it is, you can feel it just beyond your grasp. And this fire inside you is telling you to keep searching until you find it.

But in all your searching, you haven’t found it because you’ve been looking in the wrong place. The answers you’re looking for live inside of you. You just need a guide to help you find them. 

If you’re feeling called to something more, and you’re willing to fight for the light inside of you to break free, then I am your guide home to your own wisdom, truth, and medicine.

I can see you, because I’ve been there. I spent nearly a decade travelling the world looking for answers. It lead me to 10 days of silent Vipassana meditation, working with plant medicines and Shipibo shamans in Peru, and training in Shamanic Chinese Medicine, Medical Qigong Therapy, Yoga, NLP, and Hypnotherapy. 

In my search, I found a way home to my heart, body and medicine. And I’m here to guide you home to yours.

Discover your soul path IN JUST 3 DAYS

Join the Awakening Journey

Join us below if you’re ready to find what you’ve been searching for from the purest source available: your own truth.  

Day 1

Activate Your medicine

What you’ll get

On Day 1 we set the foundation to be able to access your higher guidance. 

We’ll explore energetic boundaries and how missing this one simple but crucial practice is often what stops healers from sharing their medicine.

You’ll learn how to clear your own energy so you can hear your intuitive guidance and know what’s right for you, whether it’s what to have for dinner or what path to take in life.

Through a powerful shamanic journey, you’ll discover your own medicine as the natural gifts you bring into the world. 

We’ll then use journaling prompts to bring your vision into a clear understanding of what your original medicine is.

We’ll have time for live Q&A about your experience and medicine.

  Practices to hone your intuitive gifts.

  Quick and easy techniques to clear your energy.

  A guided shamanic journey that will awaken original medicine.

  A written description of your medicine, channeled by you.

  Group mentorship and Q&A


Day 2

Meet your higher self

On the second day, we’ll help you gain a clear understanding of what it feels like to be guided by your higher self. 

You’ll learn how channeling works and how to discern messages coming from higher guidance versus ego. 

You’ll be guided on a shamanic journey where you can ask your higher self some of your biggest questions and receive answers through divine wisdom and knowing.

You’ll learn how everything from pain to anxiety is trying to serve you, and how you can work with your subconscious mind to redirect energy from tug-of-war with yourself to crazy proud of how much you’re able to accomplish when every part of you is on board.

What you’ll get

⫸  Learn how to discern messages coming from your higher guidance versus your ego.

⫸  A guided journey where you’ll meet your higher self.

  Channeled answers to some of your biggest questions.

  The unique energy you need to help you on your soul path.

⫸  Learn how physical and emotional symptoms are tied to the subconscious mind, and discover the key to transforming any issue.

Day 3

Awaken Your Soul Path

On the last day, we’ll bring everything together into a clear vision for your divinely guided life. 

You’ll be guided on a journey of connecting with your future self when you’re already living your most juicy, fulfilling life, and then we’ll ask your future self how you got there.

We then bring together your understanding of your medicine, your higher self, and your future self to craft your vision and plan to walking your soul path. 

We’ll also explore what the path of a Medicine Within healer can look like, and how to overcome challenges often faced by lightworkers so you can answer your sacred calling.

What you’ll get

⫸  A guided shamanic journey to experience what your divinely guided life looks like.

  Your soul path blueprint.

  How to overcome lightworker challenges and answer your sacred calling.

  A celebration ceremony and blessing from the spirit guides.

"What you're seeking is seeking you."

– Rumi

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