Sacred Channel

6-week group program to channel your spirit guides so you can live a soul-aligned life with ease, clarity & purpose.

August 15 – September 23

Early bird investment: $456 USD
(until August 8th)

Hey there beautiful soul

Do you feel a calling deep in your bones to something more? Can you sense there’s a missing piece just outside your grasp? Are you wanting to hone and sharpen your intuitive senses?

➡️ Are you craving a healing and genuinely MAGICAL way to tap into divine guidance 24/7?

➡️ Would you like to have a question, receive a download from your guides, and take action with ease, clarity and confidence?

➡️ How about happy dance as the situations you felt stuck in for years melt away as your guides help you understand the lessons, know exactly what to do next, and shift the stuck energy around it?

➡️ Imagine how relieved you feel knowing that you don’t have to have all the answers because they simply come THROUGH you as you need them?

➡️ What would it be like to collaborate with spirit on your next creative project to weave in otherworldly transformation for your clients?

➡️ This isn’t a fantasy.

➡️ And it’s most definitely not “too good to be true.”

➡️ It is my REALITY and that of many of my clients.

➡️ I would LOVE the opportunity to support you in making it yours.


A high value, deeply transformative DIRECT PATH to establishing a powerful connection with your spirit guides and becoming a channel for miracles in your life.

This experience will help you:

➡️ Achieve exponential growth in your relationships, your health, and your career.

➡️ Attract a FLOOD of “OH MY WORD!” synchronicities that propel you into your most soul-aligned reality.

➡️ View challenges that arise less like obstacles and more like doorways into your wholeness and freedom with the support of your spirit guides .

➡️ Never feel like you need to have all the answers again. Instead, ask a question and open your mind and heart to download the answers into you as sacred understanding.

➡️ Your biggest existential questions are now met with profound, paradigm melting answers.

➡️ You drop regularly into healing frequencies physically, mentally, and spiritually and realize that life is actually way more JOY filled and AWE inspiring than you had thought possible.

➡️ You know your soul gifts and get connected with the right people and opportunities with such flow that you wonder “is it allowed to be this easy?”

➡️ You breathe a sigh of relief in your whole being because you KNOW that you are never alone, you are profoundly loved, and divine support is just a question away.

✨  AKA Become reunited with your SPIRIT FAMILY who’ve chosen to be your guides and help you fulfill the mission your soul set out to achieve in this lifetime. ✨ 

So…who am I and what qualifies me to help you become a sacred channel?

Great question! My name is Abigail Moss & I’m a Shamanic healer, teacher, channel, medium, animal communicator, and spirit weaver. I’m here to support the healing and awakening of life on Earth.

➡️ I’ve healed myself of chronic illness with the help of my spirit guides.

➡️ I’ve healed my dog of lymphoma with the help of my spirit guides.

➡️ My guides helped me manifest my dream home next to a dream forest.

➡️  My guides helped me heal and transform my marriage.

➡️  My guides support me in everything I do with my clients and in my business.

➡️  I’ve let go of the doubts I once had and I now accept miracles as a regular part of my everyday life.

➡️ I’ve helped dozens upon dozens of students channel their spirit guides, and EVERY ONE of them was able to channel profound messages with the support of my guides and the grounded, safe and sacred container we create.

What might surprise you is that I used to be super blocked and doubted every decision I made.

➡️  I once spent a year waking up furious with no idea why or what to do about it.

➡️  I felt trapped in a job I could no longer sustain.

➡️  I felt disconnected from life and myself.

➡️  I had no idea how to feel ok and I was constantly overwhelmed by the chaos and pain I felt in the world and myself.

➡️  Doubted myself in every area of my life.

Bottom line? Listening to divine guidance didn’t come naturally to me at first…

…which is why I know I can help anyone with a genuine desire to bring more light into the world. 💖

Just ask my clients…

"I learned that I am not broken."

I was given tools and practices to support myself wherever I am, to heal myself, and to connect to my spirit.

I learned to listen to my intuition and receive my own wisdom and truth.

I learned that I am not broken. That I am worthy. That I am enough.

I learned that I am magical.

I discovered the priestess in me, the medicine woman, who has gifts to share with the world.

Davina P.

"It unleashed me."

It brought abundance into my life and showed me that when I invest in myself it will return to me in unexpected ways. It unleashed me, I no longer restrict or hide my true self. 

Jessica G.

"It will have an impact on me forever."

Thank you so much, Abby. That was truly a wonderful mind-bending, world-altering experience. The mentorship is making such an amazing difference in my life already in so many ways (with so many tools) that I didn’t think anything would surprise me at this point…but this was so powerful, it definitely took me by surprise.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, Abby–not just for that session but for offering the mentorship class and accepting me into it. It was definitely the right thing at the right time and will have an impact on me forever.

– Mya-Lisa K.

So what exactly is included in SACRED CHANNEL?

This 6-week live sacred group container includes…

➡️ The full 6-part Sacred Channel core curriculum (video trainings, meditations & worksheets).

 ➡️ Live weekly ceremony, channeling practice, and mentorship over Zoom.

➡️ Private Mighty Networks group for all members of the program to share wins, ask questions, practice, and support each other.

➡️ Group energy clearings to rapidly release energetic blocks as they surface so you can grow exponentially with ease. 

➡️ Soulful community and connection within a sacred container.

➡️ Mind Body Free certification in Sacred Channeling

Week 1 - Activating Your Channel

➡️  Welcome ceremony and initiation from the guides.

➡️  Opening your energy pathways with qigong.

➡️  Activating your capacity to hold higher frequencies.

➡️  Establishing strong energetic boundaries.

➡️  Getting super grounded in order to reach super high.

➡️  Get assigned practice buddies between classes.

➡️  Divine invocation.

Week 2 - Clearing and Aligning

➡️  Rapid clearing sessions to release energetic blocks.

➡️  The art and science of asking the right questions.

➡️  Live channeling practice, practice, and more practice!

Week 3 - Channeling Your Soul

➡️  Get super clear on how to elevate your life path and answer your higher calling.

➡️  Channeling your higher self.

➡️  Steering toward what’s aligned and away from what isn’t.

➡️  Stabilizing flow states.

➡️  Normalizing miracles in your life.

Week 4 - Being a Sacred Channel

➡️  Receiving daily support to work through any obstacle.

➡️  Channeling for your business.

➡️  Channeling for your health.

➡️  Channeling for loved ones and clients.

Week 5 - Channeling Abundance

➡️  Channeling Abundance activation codes.

➡️  Harmonizing with the frequency of prosperity.

➡️  Rapid group clearings to release abundance blocks.

Week 6 - Graduation Ceremony

➡️  Graduation ceremony from the guides.

➡️  Celebration of miracles.

➡️  Being a sacred channel.

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