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your are so much more than you believe yourself to be

The reason you aren’t where you want to be isn’t because you’re not good enough, not smart enough, or not talented enough. You aren’t flawed, your body is not broken, and your brain is not broken.

Everything that you’ve been through in your life has formed your beliefs and affected your energy. The places where you aren’t where you want to be are parts of you that are asking to be understood and transformed. 

And what’s waiting on the other side of your transformation is your own power, purpose, and medicine.

We all have an original medicine; the gifts that only you can share by being the truest expression of your being. When you free yourself of past traumas and societal conditioning, you reclaim the magic that is both your birthright and that the world needs from you.

"I learned that I am not broken..."

I was given tools and practices to support myself wherever I am, to heal myself, and to connect to my spirit.
I learned to listen to my intuition and receive my own wisdom and truth.
I learned that I am not broken. That I am worthy. That I am enough.
I learned that I am magical.
I discovered the priestess in me, the medicine woman, who has gifts to share with the world.

– Davina Palick


Break free of the familial, ancestral and past life traumas that have been standing between you and everything you want.


Your own magic + medicine is what you reclaim as you release the layers of trapped energy and societal conditioning that hid your power from you.


You’re here for a reason, and your soul knows it. Meet your higher self and step into the life you’re destined for with clarity, alignment + purpose.

you don't need motivation, you need alignment

Expansion is in your nature, but it feels like so much work to take the steps needed to move forward, and you find yourself shutting down and scrolling through social media instead. 

It’s not because you lack drive. It’s because you lack alignment in your mind, body and spirit. The energy that would be spent moving you forward is instead caught in a tug of war with yourself. 

The fastest way to get into alignment is by healing the parts of you that don’t feel safe moving forward. 

When you come into alignment, it’s natural to take action towards your dreams because you know in your whole being that you’re both worthy of receiving and capable of creating them.

Hi, I'm Abigail Moss

You know you’re meant for so much more. Even though you don’t yet know what it is, you can feel it just beyond your grasp. And this fire inside you is telling you to keep searching until you find it.

But in all your searching, you haven’t found it because you’ve been looking in the wrong place. The answers you’re looking for live inside of you. You just need a guide to help you find them. 

If you’re feeling called to something more, and you’re willing to fight for the light inside of you to break free, then I am your guide home to your own wisdom, truth, and medicine.

I can see you, because I’ve been there. I spent nearly a decade travelling the world looking for answers. It lead me to 10 days of silent Vipassana meditation, working with plant medicines and Shipibo shamans in Peru, and training in Shamanic Chinese Medicine, Medical Qigong Therapy, Yoga, NLP, and Hypnotherapy. 

In my search, I found a way home to my heart, body and medicine. And I’m here to guide you home to yours.

what happens when you reclaim your magic?

My clients go from dealing with overwhelm, depression, anxiety, and not knowing where to go next, to moving to Costa Rica with their family, building a retreat centre, and sharing their healing gifts amongst a community that loves them. This is the kind of magic that happens when you claim sovereignty over your whole being and let your heart guide you.

And this is Davina’s story. She felt the call, stepped into her power, and moved to Costa Rica during her mentorship.

"Such an amazing difference in my life already..."

Thank you so much, Abby. That was truly a wonderful mind-bending, world-altering experience. The mentorship is making such an amazing difference in my life already in so many ways (with so many tools) that I didn’t think anything would surprise me at this point…but this was so powerful, it definitely took me by surprise. 

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, Abby – not just for that session but for offering the mentorship class and accepting me into it. It was definitely the right thing at the right time and will have an impact on me forever.

– Mya-Lisa King

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.”

– Marianne Williamson

We have been taught to suppress our power.
Throughout history, powerful women were persecuted for being too outspoken, too independent, and too magical. We carry the ‘witch wounds’ of the healers and leaders in our ancestry, in the collective, and in our past lives. 

It shows up as inaction in your business and playing small in your life. Whether you know it or not, your fear of being seen for who you truly are is holding you back from your own purpose and freedom.

We have become disconnected from our bodies.
In cultures all over the world, women’s bodies have been shamed and abused. This body that carries all the memories of your soul’s journey, that holds all the emotions not yet felt, all the wounds not yet healed. This body that can experience so much pleasure, aliveness, and connection. We have become alienated from the very place we experience life. From the place that CREATES life.

And we wonder why we struggle to discern what’s right for us? Why we’re exhausted, anxious and depressed? IT’S BECAUSE YOUR BODY NEEDS YOU TO COME HOME. This is where your power lies, where your healing happens, and where you know what’s right for you and what’s not. 
Your body is your intuition, your discernment, and your lifeforce. 

This is where you reclaim your magic, embody your medicine, and become the leader the world needs you to be.

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