Abigail Moss is a spiritual catalyst for lightworkers, founder of Mind Body Free, and creator of the Medicine Within Method.

Spiritual entrepreneurs work 1-1 with Abigail for her ability to rapidly, gently and profoundly shift their success blocks so they can have the impact they’re meant for.

Her Sacred + Unleashed membership is a sanctuary filled with potent + live clearings, activations, and trainings for old souls to dissolve the blocks between them and everything they want.

Her Medicine Within Method is a certification program which combines the most beneficial principles of hypnotherapy, shamanic healing, neuro-linguistic programming, life coaching, and cognitive behavioral therapy to quickly get to the heart of subconscious issues that are causing physical or emotional distress and heal them permanently. It’s profound, gentle, and life changing.

Abigail believes that within each of us is an original medicine; a set of gifts that only you can share with the world. She knows whats it takes to alchemize the obstacles to embodying your power and purpose, and her medicine is being this guide to others.

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