Get certified in the Medicine Within Method, heal yourself, heal the world.



Consistently guide your clients though profound transformation with the Medicine Within Method; a powerful framework which integrates Shamanic Healing, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Somatic Therapy & Life Coaching.



Experience our group clearing sessions to rapidly release the blocks to confidence, visibility and getting paid as a healer and build your practice with massive momentum and ease.


Have a thriving healing practice working with your dream clients from anywhere in the world and get paid to change lives by doing what you love.

I see you there, old soul

You feel called to something more
You see so much suffering in the world, and you've been through your fair share of it. You know you were meant for more, and you pray there is more to life than the daily grind. It's why you're here.
Your skills feel incomplete
You may have taken a Reiki training, but you find yourself unsure of how to help your clients with some of the stuff that comes up in sessions.
You're ready to heal
You crave peace and to truly know yourself. You're ready to let go of what's no longer serving you and step into a new chapter of life.
You want to love your job set your own schedule
You know you're meant for so much more, and it feels stifling to spend your days not doing the meaningful work your soul craves.

You're ready to...

Get paid to transform people's lives
Choose your own hours, work from anywhere in the world, and serve your dream clients who are glad to pay you well because they value the transformation they know they will get with you.
Share your medicine
Learn how to use your intuitive gifts alongside the Medicine Within method to create consistent, powerful results for your clients.
Transform your life
Discover the power of this work through weekly practice sessions with your peers where you gain mastery and confidence as a healer and receive consistent healing support over 6 months.
Guide consistent, powerful results for your clients
Learn a proven method to help your clients find peace and freedom through a unique blend of Shamanic Healing, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Somatic Therapy, and Life Coaching.
Create a business you love for the lifestyle you want
Build a thriving practice filled with your dream clients and have the freedom to live and work anywhere you want.
Gain mastery + confidence as a healer
Gain mastery & confidence with weekly live coaching practice and immediate, personalized feedback and support.

Hi, I’m Abby

I can’t tell you how often I talk to old souls who are weighed down by everything they’ve been through.

They tell me, ‘there’s so much pain in the world’ and ‘I want to make a difference but it’s so overwhelming.’

Can you relate?

If so, the Medicine Within Academy is designed for you.

In this integrative healing certification, I will help you go from stuck and overwhelmed to confidently sharing your healing gifts.

I can do this because I’ve been where you are… and I know what it really takes to reach your full potential as a healer.

Not so long ago I was sick with chronic lyme disease that took 7 years to diagnose. I was exhausted all day, and stagnant in my healing practice because I was afraid of being ‘too woo’ if I shared the actual depth of my work.

But I made the decision that healing and answering my calling was an absolute non-negotiable. I was going to heal my heart and body no matter how much blood, sweat and tears it took. I was going to do the work my soul came here to do no matter how many fears I would have to face in the process.

It was a rite of passage that took ALL of what I had learned as a healer. It was my greatest teacher that took me from understanding how healing works to KNOWING what it takes to heal through my own personal experience.

And today? My body is full of life again and I get to teach old souls all over the world how to step into their wholeness and power as healers.

I healed using what I’d learned over 8 years… from working with Ayahuasca and Shipibo Shamans in Peru; to yoga teachers training in India, to training in shamanic Chinese medicine, medical qigong, hypnotherapy, and neuro-linguistic programming. 

I took the best of everything I learned and distilled into a potent framework I call the Medicine Within Method.


It unleashed me...

“I knew I was meant to be helping people, but I was stuck in a career that was hurting my soul. The deep work in the coach training helped me heal wounds that had been buried for years. The process of healing these spaces in myself prepared me for holding that space for others. 

It brought abundance into my life and showed me that when I invest in myself it will return to me in unexpected ways. It unleashed me, I no longer restrict or hide my true self.”

Jessica G.

Medicine Within Method

The power and wisdom of feminine intuition shines brightest when supported by the masculine quality of structure. The Medicine Within Method allows your intuition to flow while making it easy to consistently guide your clients through profound transformation using our framework, even when you’re not feeling ‘on’ that day.

The Medicine Within Method includes training in…

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing helps you understand and treat the spiritual cause of an issue while working with the support of divine consciousness.


Hypnotherapy allows you to quickly get to the root of a problem within the subconscious mind and gently heal it from this place.

Somatic Therapy

Somatic therapy is gentle and trauma-informed way to release painful experiences from the nervous system and especially effective in treating PTSD.

Life Coaching

You’ll learn life coaching techniques to help your clients feel safe, seen and heard while they consciously process and work through their blocks.


We incorporate neuro-linguistic programming to gently and rapidly break free of subconscious resistance to healing and growth.

Mind-Body Connection

You and your clients will learn the language of your body, understand how a symptom has been trying to serve you, and redirect it towards wellness.

+ these bonuses...

Channeling training
Your spirit guides are here to help you fulfill your soul mission in this lifetime and they're just waiting for you to ask for help. Being able to hear their divine guidance is a huge support when working with clients and in your own daily miracles.
Mediumship training
In mediumship, you'll gain a profound understanding of the soul’s journey and learn how to navigate beyond the veil both for your healing and your clients healing.
Lifetime access
You'll have lifetime access to the curriculum and live practice and Q&A sessions, where you can receive personalized support and coaching.
A wealth of coaching resources
You'll get step-by-step demos, scripts, worksheets, frameworks and live practice sessions to support your unique learning style.
Access to Sacred + Unleashed
You'll get a year of free access to our membership community where you can connect with your soul family and transform the blocks to visibility and success as a healer.
Building your soul-aligned practice
Learn the mindset, steps and tech you'll need to get your practice off the ground. You'll also get our list of recommendations for super targeted, high value trainings to build and scale your online practice step-by-step.

You will receive...

Your certification includes a potent blend of life coaching, shamanic healing, somatic therapy, hypnotherapy & neuro-linguistic programming to gently and efficiently help your clients break free of the familial, ancestral, and past life traumas that were holding them back from their health, happiness and potential.

 I invite you to take a moment to imagine what’s possible for you…

What would it be like to...
Wake up each morning feeling at home in yourself and totally lit up because your work makes a huge difference in people’s lives?
To be making a difference in the world with ease and joy?
And you keep pinching yourself because you actually get paid to do this?
To no longer struggle to speak your truth
And instead become a beacon of light as you confidently share your healing gifts?

I want you to know that you really can have this.

Ready to make answering your calling a non-negotiable in your life?

Schedule a free clarity call  to see if Medicine Within Academy is right for you.


Is this program for me if I don't have any experience in healing?
Yes! Whether you're a reiki healer looking to uplevel your skillset or just beginning your personal growth journey, Medicine Within Academy will give you everything you need to unlock your next level of healing and answer your higher calling.
When/how will the calls take place & what if I can’t make it live?
Our live practice + Q&A sessions take place weekly on a shifting schedule made to accomodate multiple timezones. Each call is recorded so if you can't attend live you can watch the replay within 48 hours of the live class.
How much time will this program take?
You can finish in as little as 4 months or take as much time as you need. In other words, you can still have kids and a job AND complete this course at the pace that works for you.
What is the format of the program?
This is a live + self paced group coach training program. When you sign up, you'll get immediate access to the course curriculum, live class schedule and Facebook group. You'll then be assigned a buddy to practice with. There is a LOT of personal healing and confidence building that comes out of your practice sessions!
What are the certification requirements?
Once you've completed the course curriculum, practice hours, and assessment, you'll then be awarded your Medicine Within Coach certificate and certification badge that you can share on your website. You'll also be added to a listing on our website of certified Medicine Within coaches.
Do you have payment plans?
Yes! We offer both 6 and 12 month payment plans to make this life changing training super accessible!

It completely changed the trajectory of my career, my perspective on everything, and my ability to move through life...

“From the first class on day one, it felt so profound. So much has changed from who I was six months ago, and I’m so excited to see who I become six months from now.

I wanted a job that didn’t exist, which I now have clarity on. I know what that is and I know that it’s coming. It’s completely changed the trajectory of my career, my perspective on everything, and my ability to move through life. It’s been really big. This has been so so special.”

Breann S.

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