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Renate Sophia Mueller

Renate Sophia Mueller is a Soulful Podcast Mentor, Energy Healer and Feminine Leadership Coach. She’s helping spiritual and heart centered women find their authentic voice and unleash their message with the world via a podcast, so they can make a massive impact and become a thought leader.

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Instagram: @renatesophiamueller

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Full Show Transcript

Abby (00:00:01) Hello and welcome to the Mind Body Free Podcast. I’m your host, Abigail Moss, and I’m so excited to have Renate Muller here. She is a soulful podcast mentor, an energy healer, and a feminine leadership coach. She’s helping spiritual and heart-centered women to find their authentic voice and unleash their message with the world via a podcast so they can make a massive impact and become thought leaders. I’m so, so happy to see more women stepping up and to see you empowering women’s voices. I feel like that’s so needed right now with this kind of the divine feminine essence that’s being called to come back and kind of bring the world into greater balance. And I’m just so thrilled to get to speak to you. So thank you so much for being here.

Renate (00:00:47) Rene Thank you so much. Abigail Yeah, I’m excited to be here and I can’t wait for where our conversation will go.

Abby (00:00:57) I know infinite possibilities. We were talking, we just realized. I just realize we went to the same little town in India and Hrishikesh to do our yoga teacher’s training. And you’re in Australia, but you spent some time in Revelstoke and Canada and it’s like, Oh, it’s such a small world that we live in. You just never know.

Renate (00:01:15). Yeah. I mean, what a coincidence that you know, the other end of the world right now. I’m in Australia, but we can connect with you. Yeah.

Abby (00:01:25) It’s magical. We live in the future. I love. So can you tell me a little bit? You’re a healer and you’re a podcasting mentor. Can you tell me a little bit about your journey of coming into this world of healing and empowerment?

Renate (00:01:40) Yes, for sure. So it’s always a funny question for me because I have no idea where to start sometimes. Because I kind of work.

Abby (00:01:49) Likes to tell the whole story. So if I’m going a bit too long, just let me know. Go for it.

Renate (00:01:55) Okay, perfect. So let’s say I go back even to my high school. I was a highly sensitive child. I always struggled with speaking my true fear, speaking up. I was like a little mouse. And I just wanted nobody to notice me at all. So I was trying to hide for almost my entire life. And then I think when I finished high school I traveled to New Zealand, so I kind of stepped out of my comfort zone. And when I started traveling and seeing the world I started to realize, wow, you know, there’s so much out there. And I became a bit more confident within myself because I feel like traveling really sets you up for the world out there and you just become mature in a way and you adapt quickly to difficult situations.

Renate (00:03:05) And then I was working as a flight attendant, so I was trying to get into uni and I didn’t get accepted at any university, and yeah, in Germany. And that was really surprising for me because all of my friends went to high school, went to university, I mean, and I just didn’t get accepted and I was wondering what, what’s going on? And I was applying for social work. And back then I wasn’t aware that so many people wanted to study social work and become social workers. So yeah, it was just so difficult to get into any university. So I thought, okay, I’m kind of like a loser in a way, you know, I can’t go to university, although I try to.

Renate (00:03:58) And for some reason that kind of. And, you know, I became just really low in myself and I just thought, okay, I would just go on with traveling, I guess because that’s what I love to do. And then I applied for some flight attendant jobs and I became a flight attendant eventually. And then I traveled the world for 1 to 2 years. But then I realized, okay, traveling the world is still not my thing. It’s not my biggest purpose in life. I was asking myself, what is the purpose of my life? And I just felt like doing the same thing over and over again. It didn’t suit me and my personality and I was always really more passionate.

Renate (00:04:57) I was always a really big thinker and I just thought, Oh no, I want to kind of change the world in some sort of way. And then I, I think 2018, beginning of 2018, I hit rock bottom and I just, you know, I came back from a long-distance flight and I was so tired, so exhausted. I didn’t want to have anyone around me anymore because I always had so many people on my flights. And it was just so, so exhausting. So really let me almost burn out. And I didn’t really realize what burnout was back then, so I just kept going. But deep within me, I knew I can’t go on with this forever.

Renate (00:05:47) And I did some yoga to balance me out. I did meditation back then, and that always helped me to connect with my spirit, with myself. And then I had this crazy idea What about becoming a yoga teacher? And that was adventurous, fought for me because I thought, How can I become a yoga teacher? I just did yoga for a couple of years and now I want to become a yoga teacher. And at first, I thought, Oh, it’s insane to do that and just quit my secure job in Germany. But then this fort became bigger and bigger and bigger and, I just quit my job. And I think it was in June. I quit my job and then I booked my flights to Rishikesh, India. And yeah, I went on this journey to India and did this yoga teacher training.

Renate (00:06:52) And India is so different from Germany. So for me, that was another, you know, stepping out of my comfort zone and really finding myself again. And yeah, India as well, was leveling me up in every yeah, every possible corner of myself in a way. And I became a different person on an emotional level, on a mental level, on a physical level. And then I find that I have healing abilities. And I was yeah, I didn’t know about that. I was always a natural healer and someone told me that I was doing a Reiki course in Canada then and I had a healing course. So yeah, it was for me like, Oh my God, this is a whole different world, the healing world, and healing other people.

Renate (00:07:56) And combining that with yoga, yeah, it was just perfect. And then yeah, I started my podcast when I was in Canada actually, so that was after my yoga teacher training. I started a podcast and it was another crazy thing where for who am I to do this? But another friend of mine did it and I was like, oh, I’m permitting myself now to do it. So I just did it anyway. And here I am right now, coaching people now how to do their podcast, I think four years later, and I actually can’t believe to say that to you. But yeah, I’m a podcasting mentor now and I’m a healer and I’m empowering women to do the same. So yeah.

Abby (00:08:47) So I love your story. I love that. And I can relate to so many things and I think a lot of the listeners will too. You know, when you said that when you were in school, like being highly sensitive like that, was that that term of highly sensitive people or I call them empaths, where it’s like 20% of the population, are wired differently. We just take on more in our nervous system. And I feel like it’s so easy to be overwhelmed as a highly sensitive and but on the flip side siders side of that is these gifts that we have like these naturally born healers and leaders and visionaries because we can tune into the subtle world as long as we can figure out how to tap into those gifts.

Abby (00:09:31) So and it’s I love that you dared to go from, like you describe, feeling like a mouse to go out and travel the world. And what an incredible difference that made. And I can 100% relate to that, just being so transformative because you have to problem-solve every day. There’s there is no comfort a comfortable little bubble when you’re traveling and there’s all of these new cultures and all these new, beautiful experiences and beautiful people. So it’s so phenomenal for growth. And I’m curious, was it scary for you to take that leap into beginning to go out and see the world and like embarking on that journey? What was that like?

Renate (00:10:16) Yeah, it was. You know, before I went on my travels, I had no idea. I had no idea what the world looks like, what other cultures are like, and that you can live a different life. So in Germany, we have a lot of structure and you know, you just go to university after your high school and then maybe you go on travels while you’re working and building a family. So there’s not a lot of space for creativity and doing things a bit differently. And I was always a person. I was so interested in, you know, different cultures and, you know, just getting out of your bubble and expanding yourself. So I was always trying to search for new ways of finding a new version of myself and finding new pathways which are not common. So I always wanted to be different. And it’s really interesting. I’m not sure if you know about human design the d if you’re into human design.

Abby (00:11:35) Oh, I love human design. I’m a is a projector I think. Yeah, yeah, I love human design.

Renate (00:11:43)
Renate: It seems like I actually think I found out about human design last year and I, someone read my profile and just made total sense. So I’m a manifesting generator. I’m a warm, multi-passionate being. And the thing is that lly born to always change my course, always to change the direction of my life, and not to be the same person that I used to be. And also in my business, I had to learn that too, like allowing myself to know to do different kinds of coaching and to integrate all of my self, all my passions in one business. And this is my niche. So sorry. Coming back to your question and I think just, you know, getting to know me more through my travels just helped me so much in my future.

Renate (00:12:45) And I think I can recommend that everyone if you kind of want to maybe change the direction of your life or you want to find yourself, you don’t know what to do. I recommend getting out of your comfort zone traveling. And I was in so many difficult situations because I feel like the universe throws you into challenging moments that you are here to solve. And when you solve them, you’re like, Oh my God. It was not that difficult. It was not that hard. And then you become more resilient and then then you just really create a really strong foundation for yourself. You create a very strong foundation.

Renate (00:13:31) You know, when you’re a woman, I feel like, especially when you are highly sensitive, you just want to be in your own bubble time and you want to hide and you don’t want to speak up. So, you know, getting out of your comfort zone and traveling and talking to different kinds of people and maybe speaking a different language, learning a new language, it just helps you so much with your confidence and your resilience. And it just I think it opens up new doors that, you know, you wouldn’t be the same person. You’re just not the same person any more than you were before. And then it just, you know, it creates a new life for you.

Abby (00:14:18) I love that. I love that. I was thinking back to you mentioned you were so disappointed that you didn’t get into university. And it’s funny, those things were you know, someone had said once were the saying where, you know, you didn’t get what you want, but it’s because the universe is something better planned. It’s like they don’t always see that perspective at the moment but in the greater picture. It’s interesting to look back and realize, Oh if I had gone, I would have been on a totally different path for you. Who knows where you would be right now? So it’s so cool to see what feels like, you know, does not feel like a blessing at a time. At the time can become that.

Renate (00:14:58) Yeah, no, it doesn’t feel like that at all. You’re just like, why? Why, why on earth does the universe put me down as a really difficult situation? Yeah, you know, it was so funny because of two months. Ago. It was I was put, I think, on purpose and in one of the most difficult situations. I’m not sure if you heard about the flooding in Australia, but we were staying at a rainforest retreat behind Mullumbimby and Mullumbimby is a hip place on the east coast of Australia and we went a rain forest and after one week of staying there it started to rain and we just thought, oh, it’s the wet season, you know, it’s normal that we get flooded in, you know, but it didn’t stop raining for an entire week and then it started to rain like crazy, like really, really hard rain.

Renate (00:15:56) It didn’t stop overnight and we become a bit anxious. We’re like, Is that normal? You know, we never experienced something like that before. And then I think it happened overnight that we had a power cut. We had no electricity for a couple of days, no Internet connection, and we even had a water shortage. The roads into town were all damaged and we were put in the situation, I believe, for reasons to become stronger, to become more resilient. But back then I was just like, why is this happening to us? Do you know? And then 300 meters down the road, there was a landslide and it took a person’s life away. And we’re like, Oh my God, that’s a natural disaster.

Renate (00:16:47) And literally and we’re like, you know, my part. And I was just like always wondering, why did we choose to come here? Because we do believe, you know, when you practice a lot of spiritual, spiritual practices or when you’re connected to source, you do become conscious of every action you do and of every person you meet. And you just realize that everything is connected really on this earth. And I do believe that and that it is sometimes our choice to that we create those situations for us. But as you said before, sometimes we think, you know, why is this happening to us? And it feels like hell on earth at that time.

Renate (00:17:37) And that’s so interesting because I feel like because I traveled so much in my life and I already had so many challenging moments in my life that I was already quite strong within me and I knew how to navigate myself through this really difficult situation of like staying calm, trusting in myself and, you know, really trying to be just this mountain to be present within me and to realize, alright, this bill, this too shall pass, it will pass and everything will be alright. And I was just so grateful that we were safe, that nothing happened to us. And luckily we lived in a community so we were all helping each other out. And it was incredible because the people from the Valley were all helping each other out. People brought us food from town, they brought us petrol. It was. It was mind-blowing. That was like humanity. Oh, my God. It was so, like?

Renate (00:18:49) I had tears In my eye. It was just wow. It was just so beautiful how people can work together in a crisis. And sometimes that needs to happen. A crisis needs to happen for us to come together and to make build new pathways. Yeah.

Abby (00:19:13) Yeah. That’s so beautiful. I couldn’t agree more. And it’s what I’m hearing is a couple of things. One, it sounds like resilience and the confidence that comes from that is a muscle, one that we gain by putting ourselves in these situations that are outside of our control. So we have to think on our feet and figure things out. And every time we do that, we get a little stronger, a little more confident in our ability to do that. And I love what you said, too, about, you know, why is this happening? But there is a reason for why. There’s always some reason and that coming together in community, I feel like I can relate a lot.

Abby (00:19:51) I’ve been doing a lot of personal healing and when I was younger I had all my walls built up to protect my heart. No one shall Pass. I was like Gandalf with a staff. That’s like, what? But then layer by layer, life found Way to help me break it down. And I had this like this illness or these physical issues I was having. And there was one time on the bus when I just passed out and I just prayed. I’m like, Oh, my God, it’s please, I don’t know what to do. And then before I knew what someone was saying, Hey, are you okay?

Abby (00:20:30) Somebody else was bringing me pop and some candy, and someone else was like rubbing this, like, pain medication on my face. And the Whole bus came together. To help this total stranger and remind you of what you’re saying. This community coming together, it’s just people can be really, truly amazing. And I think that in our hearts, we all are. It’s just given this opportunity to knock down the walls of this normal trance-like state that we can find ourselves in and remember what’s important, you know, taking care of each other. It’s such a beautiful thing to experience that.

Renate (00:21:04) Yeah. And it opened my eyes to what’s possible in the future. And, you know, I’m really about this new earth leadership and building a new Earth sometimes because it requires crisis, you know, otherwise, we won’t change anything. It just opened. Yeah, it opened my eyes that wow, you know, what’s happened was horrible was terrific and but people really, they stood together and help each other out. And then even in the town, they were opening up a healing space for people who are traumatized from this experience. And they offered free services.

Renate (00:21:49) And I was like, Oh my God, you know, how beautiful is this world? Because sometimes we just think that everyone is so egoistic and everyone is just thinking of themselves and nobody has a heart anymore. And this is just not true. I do believe that we all have a wonderful heart within us and sometimes, yeah, we build these walls around us because we think it’s not safe to be in this world. After all, we were hurt in the past, because of our trauma, because of the things that we have experienced, and based on that, we judge other people. But who are we to judge others? And it all starts with ourselves first. So to build also new earth, a new world, we have to establish ourselves first and create this new earth within us. So yeah.

Abby (00:22:54) I love that. Can you tell me more about New Earth leadership? What does that mean to you?

Renate (00:23:00) Yeah. So for me, new leadership means that we are not doing the things we used to do anymore. We kind of destroying the old ways of thinking, the old patterns, the Patrick patriarchy, I hope I pronounce it right of, you know this when people are just so into consuming and they all think it’s about materialism and buying new stuff, and I believe it, you know, to create a new earth, a new world is about, you know, looking within and healing yourself first, healing your wounds and stop hurting other people with your actions, with your force. Because what’s happening in the world and even right now, as we can see with we still having a war on earth, we’re still fighting each other.

Renate (00:24:10) We’re still kind of like little children. And this is all because we haven’t looked at our wounds. We haven’t looked at our traumas. We haven’t always looked at other leaders to lead us. And I think this is one of the mistakes that we are doing that we have done, that we’re always looking out for the answers to, always looking up for other people to lead us. But if you are stepping away from this whole old paradigm and stepping into a new way of thinking of like, wow, okay, I have everything in my control. I am the creator of my own life.

Renate (00:24:50) And when you just take self-responsibility for your actions, when you realize, wow, I chose this right now, I created this situation right now, and you, you really open your eyes more about, oh my God, when I say this to this person right now I have them and maybe traumatized. The rest of their life. So just it is about becoming more conscious. I do believe in this new earth movement. It is. It is it can be quite simple. And you can break it down to the foundation of becoming as conscious as possible as you can be as present as possible with all your thoughts. Your actions were everything you put out there. And when you worked on yourself, when you healed your wounds, you just you you know, you just are a different person. Your cells are changing and you are changing your vibration.

Renate (00:25:53) when you change your vibration, you do help others around you to change their energy and to change their vibration as well. And then you permit them to become a leader as well because when you can do it, others can do it as well. So it’s more about the focus within yourself, your consciousness, and then starting to create something that you want to see in this world. Maybe if you want to become a coach, become a yoga teacher, and maybe you just, you know, you stay in your job, but you become the most conscious person. You become the best person on this earth to do this job and you help others to do the same. So this is for me, all this new leadership. And I think when sometimes people hear that are like, what is this real? But it is quite simple. It’s just a shift in consciousness. Yeah, I hope that makes sense.

Abby (00:26:58) makes perfect sense. It’s beautiful. I kind of see it as like I hear that as like becoming a leader within yourself and letting it extend forward from there. And just this kind of radical ownership for you and me, I agree. You know, it’s there’s so much trauma around the world and there’s so much war that’s an extension of that, this unresolved pain. And I feel like there’s a calling for humanity to heal it like I see it coming out and all different kinds of themes in the media and just all of these concepts of healing trauma. And it’s just like the I think the subconscious collective psyche is asking for that. It’s time, especially with the pandemic and so many people having so much solitary time, having had so much solitary time with themselves.

Abby (00:27:48) A friend of mine had said, you know, going inward and being alone is a shamanic journey. And if you’re not sure how to navigate that, it can be really scary. But it can you can start facing all of these things that were hiding in the background that we didn’t, you know, we didn’t know were there. I’ll start showing up. So I almost feel like healing the trauma is like the entry point to that place of feeling powerful again. So, so much trauma happens when we’re young and we feel powerless to do anything about it. Being a healer yourself, what is your take on that?

Renate (00:28:29) So you mean healing the trauma? Sorry, I. The question.

Abby (00:28:34) Yeah. So how do you feel? The sense of empowerment and feeling capable and confident coincides with healing your wounds or getting help having someone help you heal your wounds?

Renate (00:28:49) Yeah. So. I think when you’re just by yourself, I think I just know that really from my own life. I think it’s also really a German way of doing things that you just want to solve everything by ourself and we want to heal ourselves first. We don’t want that someone else can help us to heal or to look into our past and stuff.

Abby (00:29:15) That’s very Canadian, too.

Renate (00:29:22) Well, I actually think that most people operate in the system. Like, I just can do it by myself. And it’s just really it comes actually from quite an ego space to think like I can do everything by myself. But also, you know, we were maybe so hurt from our past that we don’t want to let anyone into our lives and to, you know, we are really afraid to be vulnerable and to be seen. And we are so afraid to be vulnerable to be seen because we are afraid of being not liked anymore to being abandoned. And we have to look here also into this really deep fear that we have and these deep fears, those shadow sides, they can take control of your own life and they can stop you from your best possible life.

Renate (00:30:21) So I do believe in getting help and end to surrender into like, oh, my God, I can’t do this by myself. I do need someone else who, you know, we need another perspective. We need someone else. You can look at us not from this traumatized space or not even from our family perspective. We have to you know, we have to have someone you can look just, you know, of just like really innocent being in front of them. And we are innocent. You know this is our natural state. We are very pure beings, but we sometimes put so many layers on ourselves to protect ourselves, to protect our hearts. And when I started to start in 2018 before I went to my yoga course, I started a self-help course to look more within and heal more wounds.

Renate (00:31:26) And then I realized that was the best decision of my life ever. It was life-changing because I realized, oh, my God, I created all those situations and someone else, you know, I needed another perspective. And then I just, you know, I, I hired coaches my whole life and they just really helped me to empower myself. And I think sometimes we do need other people. Yeah.

Abby (00:31:57) Oh, my God. I could not agree more. I’m such a believer and receiving help. I don’t think there’s a single being on this planet that doesn’t work with someone else. We all are supported in so many ways by each other, directly or indirectly. And I feel like, yeah, we can get so caught in our own stories and pains to have somebody like a calm guide from the outside looking in. You can just take our hand and say, Hey, let’s, let’s go, let’s walk through this. It’s so, so transformative. I’ll probably work with coaches and healers for the rest of my life.

Renate (00:32:32) Yes. Because we do need them. You know, like if we just think we can do it all by ourselves, then again, it’s still in this old way of thinking, the old oh paradigm of like, oh, no, you know, it’s kind of like your inner child. It’s like, no, I can do it by myself.

Abby (00:32:51) And yeah, totally, you know, I do my way.

Renate (00:32:59) And, you know, just me as leadership. It is feminine. It comes from this divine feminine space like a community. And we can do this together. And by creating this new earth together, it’s, you know, you just feel so much more held and seen and you realize that, oh, my gosh, like it is safe to be seen. And I think that’s what we all come back to the safety within ourselves. Because if we can feel safe and we have this foundation within us, then, you know, anything can happen in the outside world, but we can stand still because we have this safety within ourselves and we’re like, Oh no, I’m okay right now, and no matter what happens, I will be okay. Yeah.

Abby (00:33:49) Yeah. That’s beautiful. And I feel like. For women, especially because throughout history we didn’t get to have a lot of voice and we didn’t get to be seen. And so it’s just so much deconditioning and ancestral deconditioning and collective deconditioning. Do you find that when you are coaching, when you’re doing your podcast coaching as well, do you see that a lot of this kind of fear of being seen?

Renate (00:34:17) Yeah, it’s the most common fear actually behind everything. So it’s really interesting because a lot of women come into my life and already established a business. But one of the biggest fears, I mean, they all say, is technology. But at the end of the day, it is the fear of being seen off, you know, and also of being rejected as well when they when they are seen. And I think this is such a common fear. I think that every woman has that when we speak up. And I think it is because of our conditioning, it’s because of what happened to women in the past, of our generational traumas, that we are not feeling safe to speak our truth because we feel like if we speak our thoughts right now, we are not safe. You’re getting abandoned. You know, and it also has it’s connected to that. We even got burned because people thought we were witches.

Abby (00:35:20) And been there in a past life. That wasn’t fun.

Renate (00:35:24) Wasn’t at all. And the thing. Is that it is still stored in our bodies and a lot of people are not aware of this. So, you know, as women we do we do have to heal a lot of these ancestral traumas and generational traumas also from the war times. And it’s just like getting activated in our bodies. And I think, yeah, especially right now too, with the war in Ukraine that, you know, a lot of people are like, Oh, I fought wars over and my grandparents lived in the wartime. But, you know, it still gets activated within them when they hear about the war in Ukraine and they get really, really anxious and traumatized again.

Abby (00:36:08) Yeah The pain still lives inside us. It’s in the body and the psyche and the spirit. It’s like the triggering of something that we’ve been through. We see it a lot when I work with women healers to something called the Witch Wound, like from the times when women were born, burned. And so a lot of people who have this, like, desire to heal in whatever way that is, it can be just physically terrifying, like induce a fight or flight response. So what do you find is the best way of overcoming that? Like, how do you help women move through that?

Renate (00:36:51) Yeah. So I think, first of all, it’s so important to regulate your nervous system. I think that’s one of the foundations of everything because if you don’t have a regulate the nervous system, you don’t know how to get out of this fight and flight response. And it is just really hard to, you know, to create a business even or to stay calm and situations. And because any little thing can be triggering for you and you just get in this race mode again. So by there are so many different things you can do to regulate your nervous system. I found Breathwork was super, super healing for me. It was one of the best ways to get out of my head, and back into my body. And yeah, it is amazing. And I have to say cold therapy as well. I love cold therapy. I started in Canada.

Abby (00:37:52) Because it was so cold. Oh, my God, that’s my excuse. Like, nobody in Canada is cold therapy. It’s good for you. Yeah, it’s awesome.

Renate (00:38:03) It was. It was so cold. I remember I was going into the Canadian legs and it was freezing. Oh, my God. Reasoning. I was like. I was screaming at the beginning because.

Abby (00:38:13) It was so much fun. Yeah, I believe it. I would be too so bad.

Renate (00:38:19) But then, I don’t know. I just get addicted to this feeling in my body because I never felt like that before. I mean, I did yoga for most of my life and I think that’s such a good mindfulness practice. But cold therapy is just like, oh, my God, you just, you know, you kind of stay in this hot water and you’re like, oh, my God, you think you’re going to die? But then you realize, ah, when you go out, it’s fine. I’m okay.

Renate (00:38:50) And it’s just. Yeah, it’s. Just a really good practice for your nervous system. I found, of course, not to overdo it because I overdid it a little bit at the beginning too, and then I just stayed cold for the rest of the day and I don’t recommend that. So know your limits as well. That is important. But yeah, really, you know, these practices of being mindful also with your speech and what you’re saying, what you’re thinking about yourself, how you talk. And I think that can change a lot when you realize what kind of things you’re saying and then you try to yeah, you changing your mindset here that you are safe to speak and you can practice that by recording yourself.

Renate (00:39:46) And I have women to start to on podcasts because I found this is one of the best ways to become confident with your speech, to become confident with yourself because you don’t have to show your face. A lot of people are terrified by that. And that’s what I found, too. You know, you just have to put yourself in front of this microphone and nobody has to know how many times it takes you to record yourself at the beginning. But yeah, that helps me. And I think also chanting mantras helped me help me the most to activate my voice and to come out of my head and back into my body.

Renate (00:40:34) Those, you know, when you chant those mantras, they come from ancient India, and they. I carry this sacred sound and it changes your cells. And it’s just it’s such a beautiful feeling when you go to kilotons when you have the chance to go to town somewhere in your local town and your local city. And it is just really, really amazing. I’m going to get myself a harmonium to practice more singing and to activate my voice even more. And yeah, I think, yeah, first of all, it’s the foundation about yourself and then getting into practices. Yeah.

Abby (00:41:23) That’s beautiful. I went to a couple of curtains recently and it is there’s so much power in just tuning in with the frequency and this ancient-like meaning and sounds coming together. And I love what you said about Breathwork. I have a friend on the previous episode we talked about Breathwork and cold therapy. I should connect you with her.

Renate (00:41:42) Both and so transformative. And what I love about that and when you said building the foundation with the nervous system because I feel like things like Breathwork and things like cold therapy, help us face and release the trauma stored in the nervous system. And we can’t think our way out of that. We have to feel our way through it, I believe, anyway.

Abby (00:42:07). Yeah. You have to feel, you know, and I think that’s what women are resisting because, you know, we’ve been told in our past, don’t cry anymore. No, no, no, no, no, don’t, don’t scream. Don’t do anything. So what I did, was I just kept quiet when I felt really angry within myself. I, you know, I didn’t cry at all. And then when I became much more conscious about myself and also when I became a healer, I noticed how much more I cried. And I was like, Why do I cry now? But then I realize it’s healing. Now I’m back to myself and I realized that crying is beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with that. And yeah, really getting in touch with your feelings and also I think dancing. I think, yeah, that’s something that I want to say as well. Some embodiment practicing practices like dancing can also really help to release your emotions. That did a lot for me as well.

Renate (00:43:18)  I love dancing so much. Yeah, and I love crying. I feel so alive. It’s like.

Abby (00:43:22) Oh, I found some.

Renate (00:43:24) Tears. They get to be expressed.

Abby (00:43:26)  Thank goodness I feel so good.

Renate (00:43:29) So the expressions from your soul, you know, it’s your you know, it’s like a cleansing of the soul. We just think it’s bad and we just change ourselves. But there’s nothing wrong with it.

Abby (00:43:44) Oh, it’s beautiful. And, you know, talking about being seen, I feel like what a beautiful way to see yourself. Something that wants to be expressed.

Renate (00:43:54). Yeah.

Abby (00:43:56) I love that. And so can you tell me a little bit more about what is it like working with you in doing this podcast coaching and the healing work? Like, what does that look like?

Renate (00:44:09) Yeah. So I offer one-on-one podcast coaching and that goes usually for eight weeks and I help them to set up their podcast. I have to move everything. I edited their first episodes and I kind of walked them through my practices. We do voice training. We look a bit deeper into the story and also into their unique message. Because I do feel like when you have a refined message and it will be just so much easier to get attention and to be also more crystal clear about what you’re talking about and who you are at your core.

Renate (00:44:52) And so your message is always really connected with your soul path, I believe. And that’s where human design comes in. So our plan blends a little bit of human design and my coaching as well. And, and yeah, we do some chanting practices and then I also have a group program and it’s called Launch Soulful Podcast. And within eight weeks or less than eight weeks, I have them, you know, first setting up this foundation of also owning their story, finding the why and mission and why they want to do this podcast, and also to create this future vision. And they can connect with yeah. With their future. And realize, okay, why do I do all of this?

Renate (00:45:46) Why do I start this podcast right now? Because your vision will carry you a long, long way when you know why you’re doing all of this. And we’ll just help you to keep going with your podcast and Jen and all the podcast tech. That’s its section and how to set it up on a podcast host. And but I do love to do all those spiritual practices before I do, I just love the combination of all. Yeah.

Abby (00:46:17) I love that. I love it, it’s like everything you will need from the inner to the outer. Like from your soul to your tech.

Renate (00:46:24) It’s like the boundaries are just the walls are getting knocked.

Abby (00:46:27) Down so you can create it. And I love that you incorporate that vision and that is why and honing, helping them to hone their voice and what makes them unique that’s so beautiful and so powerful.

Renate (00:46:38) Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. And especially, you know, working through all of those fears of being seen or being hurt and that it’s it is safe for us all to be heard and that our podcast will create a change in this life. And I believe there will be never enough podcasts out there. It’s the same with reading books or authors. There will be never enough authors out there. There’s always enough. When you’re shifting into this abundance mindset that you know there will be no competition, there’s much more collaboration possible.

Abby (00:47:20) I love that. And I was listening to your podcast intro, which I love. That was so many moments. I was like, Yes, yes, yes.

Renate (00:47:27) And and one.

Abby (00:47:30)  Part that I loved was when you said you have something to give and you know, because you’re alive. And I think a lot of women can feel that they don’t have something special to share or their voice is not worth sharing. And like, oh, what a heartbreaking thought, because they do and they’re gifts. Everyone’s gifts are so needed right now, especially the feminine way of being that, you know, the deep wisdom. I feel like it’s wanting to come back. So I love that you are helping to empower these people to share that with the world. It’s really beautiful.

Renate (00:48:06) Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And we do need to cut all this karmic baggage. We have to need this cut. We have to cut this comic cord through to our past and realize, you know, at this moment right now, we have a choice and we can create our life new. We can become a new person. Our past doesn’t determine our future. We always have a choice right now. And you can start right now and it’s never too late. You’re never too old to start anything. And you always have something to give. You always have something to share because why? Why would you be on this earth right now? With us now?

Abby (00:48:50) Yeah. Yes, love. It can give you a big high five from over here. That’s so beautiful. And I couldn’t agree more. Right. How can people find you if they want to work with you and learn more about you?

Renate (00:49:06) Yeah. So you can find my Instagram. I’m active on there. I’m called renatesophiamueller. So just my first, my middle, and my last name. Mirella is with you and then you can find me on Facebook. Renate Mueller But yeah, Instagram is where I mostly hang out and I have a link tree, so I have all the different links on there and my website is coming out as well. It’s called, so it’s super easy to find me, and yeah.

Abby (00:49:41) I love That. Thank you. That’s so great. And everyone goes check her out and go get your voice out there. The world needs that. So yeah. Thanks so much for being here or not.

Renate (00:49:51) Oh, you’re so welcome. Thank you so much. It was such a lovely conversation. I loved everything and thank you.


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