Chinese Energetic Medicine with Jeanette Lee

Jeanette helps people who are struggling with physical conditions to restore health and vitality to their body. She incorporates one-on-one remote energy healing treatments, prescription Qigong exercises, and diet and herbs to restore balance to the body. She is our resident expert in Chinese Energetic Medicine and Therapeutic Qigong teacher in our group programs.

Your first session with Jeanette includes a free 30-60 minute Discovery Call. We recommend booking this at the same time as your 2-hour Chinese Energetic Medicine Session so you can immediately address what comes up in your Discovery Call.

What is Chinese Energetic Medicine?

How Does it Work?

Jeanette’s approach to working with people in Chinese energetic medicine is that each person is unique in their energies. With each person, she attunes with their energetic footprint to understand how their bodies might be adjusted through energetics and how they can support these adjustments through food and unique prescription exercises formulated for the specific energetic syndrome. Jeanette believes it is extremely important for the individual to take an open and active role in their healing.

What to Expect in a Session

Your first session with Jeanette will include a complimentary Discovery Call. Here,  Jeanette will ask you a series of questions about your symptoms to get clarity on what’s happening in your body from a Chinese Medicine perspective. From there, you can move into your energy treatment by lying down in a comfortable place while Jeanette works with you. After your treatment, Jeanette will give you a set of specific Qigong exercises that you can do at home to support your healing. These Qigong exercises are a very important and powerful part of the healing process.

Case Studies

Jeanette has helped people (and animals) overcome cancer, menstrual disorders, chronic fatigue, and much more.

About Jeanette

My Background Growing Up
I grew up in a traditional Chinese family. My grandmother was a herbalist and had a herb store in Vancouver Chinatown. My mother grew up in the store and, although not formally trained, she knew a lot about Chinese medicinal herbs and their energetic actions. Most people who grow up in a traditional Chinese family automatically learn about herbs and uses, when to eat and what to eat in combination with herbs. Herbs are typically eaten as food ingredients/traditional soups or brewed into teas. My limited knowledge of herbs and their preparation came from helping with meal preparation in the kitchen.

My experience with Herbs
I managed a farm for over 10 years growing, processing and marketing medicinal herbs (Chinese/Western herbs) to the general public, herbalists and natural health product manufacturers (Strauss, Natures Formulae). In order to grow and process Chinese herbs you need to understand the uses and the buyers’ intended use of the herb because that dictates how the herb will be processed.

A Turning Point
Several years later, my brother was diagnosed with end stage non hodgkins lymphoma. I spent 3 months at his side in the hospital and the final 2 months while he was in palliative care. During his illness he had several visions/communications with spirits that he spoke of and, in hindsight, I believe he was conversing with his guides. On the day he passed, as I sat in the hospital waiting room, I knew the exact moment he passed before being told; I felt his spirit pass through me and as he passed I had the sense of deep gratitude and affection from him. My other brother who was sitting beside me had the same experience.

Medical Qigong
Two months later a close friend was en route to Vancouver to take the medical qigong course. In the spur of the moment I decided to take the course not knowing what qigong was. But the timing of the training was perfect. I needed to understand more about what I had just experienced, and how I could help others heal. Also, I needed to understand death. 

Since completing the Medical Qigong Therapist program, I have taken foundational courses in Chinese Medicine, Physiology and Industrial First Aid. Currently, I am in my third year of studies and training in Neidan (Internal Alchemy) and Neigong (Internal development). Neidan is the practice of developing and transforming energy within the body through complex meditation processes and breathing techniques. For serious neidan practitioners the end goal is awareness or self realization. Initially, my main goal was to learn more about the energy and spiritual bodies, and to develop stronger energetic skills and extrasensory perceptions needed for medical qigong i.e., third eye development (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, smell, etc.).


Additional Qigong Training
I have also trained in many qigong and energetic movement practices including Hui Chun (The Return to Spring – referring to the return to our origin by re-vitalizing the human body, soul and spirit.) Yi Jin Jing (Muscle Tendon changing classics), Shibashi (taichi/qigong form), Silk Reeling and the Daoist Five. Within each of these exercises/movements there are particular aspects that I have found very beneficial to energetic healing. These movements form the basis of prescription exercises that I ask people to do. These exercises play a key role in the individual’s healing. 

Currently I am studying Daoism and Daoist Medicine. I believe that by having a deeper understanding 
of Daoism and traditional practices, my spiritual and metaphysical understanding will grow and enable a stronger/deeper connection to the people I work with.

It’s very satisfying helping people and working with energies. I feel so fortunate to be able to work in this area as the experience with each person allows me to grow my skills and knowledge.

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