Karen Rontowski – Energetic Protection

Karen Rontowski - Energetic Protection

I chat with the delightful Karen Rontowski about how to protect your energy and her unique blend of stand up comedy and tarot.

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Full Show Transcript

00:00:01 – 00:01:04

Abigail: Hello and welcome to the mind-body free Broadcast. I am your host, Abagail Moss. I’m a shaman and here to awaken the healers. Do not simply teach you but to bring you home to your own divinity, nature and spirit, so that you may remember the depth of your own being, power and purpose and embody your original medicine. In all that you do, this work is not for the faint of heart, but for the driven seeker will not quit until they find what calls them. This is for those who are ready to step into their power, even though it fucking terrifies them. This is for the medicine, women, the light workers and the wearied souls who’ve lived countless lifetimes. This is a path to mend your deepest of wounds, to remember the innocence of your nature.

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Abigail: This is a way of embodiment, integrity and awakening. It is a portal back to your soul and a bridge between worlds. This is where we reclaim our magic, our birthright and our true being, a magic that was hidden for centuries by religion, madness and fear. It is a power that stirs in our wombs and a knowing whispered by our ancestors. It is a song sung by the universe, it is our birthright, our divinity, and we are here to remember it, embody it and return it to the world from which it was hidden. Welcome this season, to reclaim your magic, welcome beautiful lightworkers and friends! I want to share with you all a free facebook group where I go live each week with free trainings and I share healing resources and it’s a beautiful hearted community focused on healing your mind-body and spirit, tuning in with your purpose and sharing your gifts. You can check it out with the link in the show notes: heart space, healing for seekers without further ado. I hope you enjoy the show. All right, I am here with Karen Antoski. Did I pronounce your last name right?

00:02:55 – 00:03:02

Karen: Perfect, and thank you for even attempting that. It might be wrong, because I get all my guests names wrong.

00:03:04 – 00:03:11

Abigail: All right, I have to start asking the beginning, because so many times my brain makes up a name and it’s not the reality of it.

00:03:11 – 00:03:16

Karen: Have you ever heard someone that was like a friend for three years and you’re like, I don’t know their last name?

00:03:16 – 00:03:26

Abigail: Fortunately, facebook makes it easy, unless it’s one of those made up names, and then it’s like who knows, it’s only only the shadow knows the answer to that one.

00:03:27 – 00:03:31

Karen: For years I thought my friend’s name was Terry, but.

00:03:35 – 00:04:21

Abigail: I like that right, so I’m going to read your bible real quick. So all of the lovely people, I feel like a lot of people, know who you are, already talk to different people and it’s like imperial care and partial care. I’m like everybody knows her, but I’m going to read your bio anyway. So Karen is both a stand-up comedian and a tea reader and often mixes two on-stage she has 35 years experience in stand-up 25 inter and 20 in the field of paranormal. They tell me you put on there. She’s so old, which is hilarious. You’re still young person, ever been doing this a long time. So can you tell me a bit about your story, like what came first and how did you get started in it?

00:04:22 – 00:05:29

Karen: Well, it’s funny because standup really came first, but I was sort of one of those people that right from us I knew I wanted to do that and I was always into the paranormal, was always had the books. I was always, you know, whatever was out there probably was like a five-year old conspiracy theorist wondering where the big wheel came from or something like that, you know. But I just have always had these desires and I remember when I got in college I was watching someone who actually became a friend of mine, stand-up comedian, on a show and I was like I could do that. I really do. And then I moved to Vegas and was working at Caesar’s Palace and I met a bellman that did stand-up and he took me to my first open, Mike, and it was terrible. Becaus, you’re always terrible in the beginning, but it didn’t matter. I was like I’m doing this no matter what, and then I always still had saw Schic and went into the paranormal. But when I started to go on the road I started to visit haunted places and then that’s kind of how it all sort of started to come together.

00:05:30 – 00:05:57

Abigail: I love that and there’s a lot of pieces that I want to unpack. The first one is, and I think this is a really interesting thing with standup. People specifically, is that, like all things, we suck in the beginning, but most of us look stuck quietly in secret behind closed doors. But you can’t do that with standup. So what gives you the grit? What gave you the grit to keep going whenever one’s like boo? Get off this, hoping that ever happened? But you know when it feels like that.

00:05:58 – 00:07:04

Karen: Well, you know it’s a funny thing, because stand-up actually seems to have failure built-in in that people expect hecklers or they expect things to go wrong. But what’s funny about it is? I wonder how many people do it. A lot of people do it once and then don’t ever do it again. But it’s something that it’s a curiosity, I think, because you can do the same joke a 100 times and the 100 and first time the whole audience looks at you like. What are you doing you? So it’s always. Did I deliver it, Wong was half a second off. Is this not the going? It’s really curiosity. I think that drives a comic to just keep going. You always have to have your comedy friends that you kind of commiserate with when something goes wrong. But even if you’ve been doing it, you know I’ve seen the best of the best die. I think stand-up is such a curiosity that you just always want to keep going. It gets in you. It is you, my friend would always say it’s not like you’re a bank teller and then you go home and you’re done with your job. It’s you’re always your job.

00:07:05 – 00:07:44

Abigail: I get that. It’s like a healer. It is me, it’s my life, it’s you just turn it off and then come back the next day or like when you’re doing shamanic healing. It’s not like all of that energy is just done. It’s like exactly exactly and it’s interesting that it sounds like comedies, almost fickle, like you’re saying on there and first time lands so differently, and there’s no way, I guess, that you can predict how that’s going to happen. It’s not like it’s a science and rinse. Repeat, it’s good, it’s not good, it’s just the energy of the crowd, your energy, the times where the stars are relied, I don’t know.

00:07:45 – 00:08:18

Karen: Yes, well, every audience has its own personality and one no two are alike. It just is like that. Everybody has a different sense of humor. Now, obviously, people are way more offended very easily. Or you know you can say something and just make people nervous, even if you’re not saying anything. I mention guns sometimes and I have no opinion either. I do five minutes, no opinion either way. But once you say guns, you know there’s people going, she’s goin to be against, she’s going to, and then you have to. You know it’s it’s one of my favorite jokes, because it does test them not.

00:08:19 – 00:08:40

Abigail: Totally, and it’s like a reflection of this tense world that we’re in this very divided world, I think it’s kind of interesting about the comedian is that they there used to be like the role of the commune was in many ways to like bring up the stuff, this darkness, but in a way that we can face it. It’s like look how funny this is. This is so messed up.

00:08:41 – 00:09:38

Karen: You know there is a sociology to comedy. Also at point, Rosanne was big. That was when feminism was coming up. She was the domestic goddess. Then you had the backlash, which was Andrew Dice Clay. Now we’re going to offend everybody, and then you had the backlash to that which was signed, which is: don’t say anything, it’s I’m saying nothing, and now we’re kind of going. I’m not sure where we’re going right now, but I know the difference now is people don’t just let a joke go by and you know that’s fine. Go to the next joke. For some reason things are being taken. So personally now I’m not really a controversial comic because I’m like I’m the idiot. I always say my job is to make bigger mistakes than you so you can laugh at mine and feel better about yours. So that’s sort of my angle, but anything political. You better have that audience and that better be your cult coming to see it, because otherwise it’s very, very.

00:09:38 – 00:09:39

Abigail: Dangerous.

00:09:40 – 00:09:41

Karen: And dangerous is the work.

00:09:42 – 00:09:52

Abigail: Yeah, because we are very tribal these days in our beliefs, in ideologies, and why were you going all these haunted houses when you were on the road? Why does that happen?

00:09:53 – 00:10:54

Karen: You know what? I didn’t even know what I was looking for and then for a while I had a little series and everything was a minute-long and I always played with bringing this back. But it was, you know, paranormal care on the TV show and I would go and just have jokes about the places and how they were haunted and who haunted them and stuff like that. But it was really I always wanted to investigate. And then finally I lived in Sandy. No, no, I lived in Ella. I went to meet up dotcom and I met a group that did investigations and started going with them. And then I met sort of my mentor guy named Tommy. We just shot a spiritual protection class. Yeah, it’s to be coming out, so I’m not sure when, but he’s friends to this day. He’s been friends the whole time, but I was just interested in the evidence and how you get it and still everything I would say, ufos are just one of the things I don’t actively research. It’s not that I’m not interested, but there isn’t anything about out of this three d reality that I’m not interested in.

00:10:54 – 00:11:00

Abigail: Of that I mean the world is infinite. Right. There’s so many possibilities, so much mystery.

00:11:00 – 00:11:01

Karen: Yes.

00:11:01 – 00:11:08

Abigail: Absolutely made up dot com like I loved that, please, I think when I first started photography I met so many people there. What a great system!

00:11:08 – 00:11:24

Karen: I just thought about that because I’m here in Utica, where it’s very small, where I moved back to take care of my folks and I thought I should look on there because I went to find a couple of paranormal teams and nobody really answered. Then I was like: why am I not on that website looking for still a good website?

00:11:24 – 00:11:34

Abigail: Totally love that, and so you co taught this class on spiritual protection. So what is that like and how does that tie in with paranormal investigation?

00:11:35 – 00:12:49

Karen: So my friend Tommy, the class was more me interviewing him because he’s actually my teacher, even if I know the stuff. He has been growing up with the paranormal since he was 13 years old and he’s just the most amazing person I can’t even describe because he doesn’t like the term demonologist. But he has worked on some stuff that I think the rest of us would just curl up and in a ball and go away. He knows so much and he worked with the best. So I met him when I first got into investigating. He had a radio show or internet and I emailed him and his partner. I said: do you guys want a comedian to? Do you know reporting and stuff and he was like yeah, so I met him for coffee and he’s been my friend the whole time. His wife is one of my best friends and I constantly go back to him for information. Or is this right? But the thing that people don’t realize is when they go investigating and they’re going to haunted places, they need a certain level of spiritual protection so that something doesn’t attach or follow them home. He taught me from a place of extreme caution from the beginning, not saying I haven’t made my mistakes because I have.

00:12:50 – 00:12:50

Abigail: Who has?

00:12:51 – 00:13:08

Karen: Yeah, that’s one of my favorite saying is once you look into the paranormal, the paranormal looks back at you, so you need to go in protected spiritually, which probably you’ve talked about on your podcast. Some people want to go in and tell ghosts, you can touch me or I want to feel, and all that is an invitation. All that’s a big.

00:13:09 – 00:13:26

Abigail: Yes, agreed. So what is the main thing that you do to protect your energy when going into a space that you know there’s you know all kinds of stuff, but I mean even when we’re walking around, when we’re going to cost, you know there’s energy floating around everywhere. What do you do to protect yourself?

00:13:27 – 00:15:48

Karen: I was in a hotel this weekend and although it wasn’t a haunted hotel, it was a haunted hotel and was having a lot of trouble sleeping. So generally I believe that I have a connection to Archangel Michael. I think everybody has a connection to a particular Archangel that would be mine and I walked out on some really tricky situations with prayer or asking him to come. Help me try to daily remember to say thank you every day for my protection. That’s a big one. Any type of prayer or gratitude, I think, start the way I picture. It is sort of like if you’re grounded, if you’re sort of aware of who you are, that’s a big one. I feel like you get this white sort of shield that most things are probably going to want to avoid, or it doesn’t look easy. In fact, a while back I had a sort of psychic attack at night and the next morning I was like what happened and my guide said there’s a particular part of your. They said something about what I was going through. You need to deal with that because it’s a weak spot in your era and this thing will attach or come through that spot. So then I worked on journaling and therapy and that particular hang up and everything kind of got better. So this is a story, though I do tell about how I did end up in a situation that was. We’ll just say it was the worst that you can get. As for spirits coming at you or spirit attachment, it was demonic and as soon as it was in the room I knew and I looked at my partner and she wasn’t doing ok. She was walking around like she didn’t know who she was. She was spinning like a computer kind of, and I started to get up and then in my head I heard: just take care of yourself, you can’t this is too big, you can’t help her. And then I heard my very first Tero teacher say: they want your mind. So over and over I kept saying my name is Karen Antoski and I know exactly who I am. My name is Karen Antoski, and and I preached this. I’ve probably said it a 100 times on my podcast because I was the only one that went home from that investigation and I believe that is the answer to. Even if you think you don’t know who you are, keep saying that and don’t let anything take your mind.

00:15:50 – 00:16:44

Abigail: Tingles, as you say, that that is so, I think, powerful in the work that I’ve done in demonology, which you can get sticky, and I found that to be true too. It’s the beliefs. It starts through the mind and that may come in heretically in all different areas in your field or body. But the entry point is through the belief, it’s through the mind and if you don’t believe, you know yourself or don’t believe that you’re safe, I think I find that to be a really big one. And if someone has fear, the don’t believe that they’re strong or that they’re powerful, then it’s like that’s the way in, or you mentioned earlier, having weak spot. I find those beliefs of like not worthy not good enough, not safe, not love all of these beliefs, that these energies can come in and start spinning more stories that create even more separation from yourself and source. Thank you for sharing that. I think it’s going really good for people to hear that.

00:16:44 – 00:17:27

Karen: That is like ground-level just kind of basic. If you can do that even when you’re scared, even when you’re scared of other people or anything like that, that’s quite good. You’re right, it can get kind of tricky when it’s something anchored in a house or somebody has conjured something. That’s you know. It’s like. The other day I was listening to some one. The one thing Tommy is livid about: he is the most humble person, he is the most. Non ego you can’t bring. Go into this and we were talking about something and I just remember going: don’t say always or never. In this situation everyone is different. All you can do is know who you are and everything else is changing all the time.

00:17:28 – 00:17:42

Abigail: Absolutely yeah, be aware of yourself, be aware of your energy, and that’s number one, because if you don’t have that, you can’t help someone else. So fill up your own, put on your own oxygen mask before assisting your friend.

00:17:42 – 00:18:44

Karen: And the big, big thing, I think, is the shadow side. For example, I was brought up in a home that was very passive, Grassi, and it wasn’t until later in life that I was like. That’s what it means and that’s what we’re doing. And once you see it you can’t see it. So even in my mind, when I go to that place of I want something and I start to manipulate through passive aggressiveness, I hear it in my head. Okay, so I’m very aware, and then I can’t do it because I see it now. But if someone is really in denial about that, those are the kind of things or the perfection. There’s a big push for women to be perfect. I’m not bad. I’m really a great person. That is where things really really come in or smaller things can attach faster. This is my experience. Like I said, not always, but I feel like knowing that you can be anything, we’re capable of everything and anything, and once you know that you’re almost a little more protected.

00:18:46 – 00:19:37

Abigail: Yes, and thank you for saying that, I think one of the biggest lies that darker energies tell us is that we’re not powerful and it’s one of the biggest lies that we believe other energy only have as much power over us as we agree that they have. So I find sometimes these things come in and be like I am dark and scary and I’m going to take over and it’s like you’re not clear everywhere that you are doing that. Clear, everything that you know your job, because you’re we’re the ones in this body and like you said I, you know I’m around Towsky. When you remember that, then you claim yourself, you claim your space, you claim your body and with free will there’s nothing more powerful than that. So something outside trying to manipulate you, it’s just not allowing yourself to agree with that manipulation.

00:19:37 – 00:20:18

Karen: Yes, and also I like it because it’s sort of internal work that you can do. I listen to a lot of paranormal radio and there’s guys that come on that are demon hunters and that are, you know, I’m doing an exercise and I have never done anything like this. What I’m doing that a little, that’s nothing you go do that, I’m not. I’m you can do that somewhere else. I’m not hanging around for that, but actually just be able to hold your ground is what you need. That it doesn’t begin. You know a real possession or real problem has level start. You want to start with knowing yourself and knowing what you feel like. This doesn’t feel all right.

00:20:19 – 00:21:24

Abigail: Exactly, and I found that too, like with the layers of possession, I love that we’re talking about this. By the way, I’ve never heard a conversation outside of my shamanic training class about possession. I think it’s one of those. It’s one of the scarier things right. Most people don’t talk about. It’s not like your coffee talk conversation, but it’s important because a lot of people face it and worked with people who were aware they were fighting possession and people who weren’t aware that they were fighting possessions based on their society, beliefs and beliefs that they grew up with. And it’s hard because I can help someone who who is aware of it, someone who’s not aware of it. It’s hard because it’s hard for me to explain what’s going on to them and their family and have them continue coming back and working with that. And those people just get labeled as insane and medicated. But when the possession is kind of going on a deeper stage, where they’re really attaching to these thoughts, feeling stuff in their body, what would you say would be the thing to do at that point? Would you continue affirming you are who you are? What would you do at that point?

00:21:24 – 00:22:18

Karen: I would always keep that, but for a person that is that’s really going on, for at first I would go to church, I would go, I would find your faith or a healer or something like that. It’s very hard, once it started, to expel anything yourself. And also this isn’t a coup, but you might need to know more about what’s going on and who it is. The one thing I am great at is: I have a web of people. When someone comes to me and tell me what’s going on, I go, oh, you go that way or okay, here’s our questioning. Fill this out. We’ll help you this. I’ll ask Tommy on the yellow pages. That’s still a thing. I don’t think it is in the pages of help. So I would say the first thing to do is to get help and I would go spiritual. Not that a therapist wouldn’t help, but you have to be very careful to have a therapist that doesn’t just go your nuts.

00:22:20 – 00:22:20

Abigail: Take these drugs!

00:22:21 – 00:24:28

Karen: So everything is a little bit of how far along, as you know, there’s a varying degree of how big this thing is or what kind of attachment is it? It’s sort of a big array of things that could be going on whenever you work with someone. We have a very long questioner that we send out and what we have found is. There’s a lot of questions in it that people wouldn’t know why we’re gathering that information. But to us it tells us what we’re looking at or if it’s something like that or what’s ultra guys that’s coming off the person, and also, if it is a psychological issue. Now someone could have a psychological issue which enhances what’s going on, the possession or the attack absolutely. But usually if you have something that is so blatantly. We had a woman that moved into a house where she grew up and she was having a incubus attacker sexual attack. And as we go through the question, are we find out that she was molested by her stepfather in this house? So now we have a lot more going on than just let cleanse and get this thing out. We have a pycoon, poltergeist entity thing, kind of a three-way now. What was very interesting about this is? She wanted us to show up and wave a magic wand and get rid of it, and we were like that’s not how we work. This has to be something where you’re participating. You derstand, especially if you are the poltergeist that is sort of expelling this energy and she got very angry and disappeared. So that question is sort of a great shield, for do you really want this to go away? Are you in it? So that’s where we start now, other people, we’ve gotten a questioner and immediately be like: okay, we know what this is. Do this about. This is a residual energy. We’re going to put magnets on the wall or something like that, so usually we can get it pretty quick. But it is interesting that you have to know the whole thing that’s going on. I hope I didn’t like that question too.

00:24:28 – 00:25:35

Abigail: No, that’s great. People come to me with the stuff. I find that the causes are either karma, like there’s something that happened in past life that was dramatic, or they did something that’s coming back around on them and or drama, and so, like you mention with the Soubise sexual abuse incident, so like I worked with someone for a year and they had all of this abuse and drama that had happened to them since childhood and there was a lot to release and a lot to unpack there, and they’ve been tormented by demons and dark energies since childhood as well. But it was matter of healing that drama and empowering them to release these entities, because this was the world that they were in. So let’s empower you to navigate this world, and now they are an incredible healer and the energies that they see are a lot lighter. But when the darker energies come there, able to say right, let’s get lost, get out of here. I’m not weak, you know, and I know who I am, have healed a lot of this, and I find it’s like the drama becomes this lens that we see the world with through fear, and that fear is the frequency that draws these energies to us, because that’s the reality that we’ve been living in.

00:25:36 – 00:26:04

Karen: And most people do not believe this. I’m always OK with anybody. That doesn’t because we’re talking about a world that we don’t live in, a rule where there’s no rules, where we’re doing the best we can. Like Tommy says, we just won’t want stay on this level right here because sort of my paranormal background, sometimes you just get a bad house, sometimes you just move into the house and I know a lot of people like. No, that’s not really it’s always and I like, sometimes you just moved into the wrong house.

00:26:05 – 00:26:24

Abigail: Yes, oh yeah, could be, could be an indian burial ground. It could be haunted you now from all kinds of ways, and that’s kind of like. Usually I find those are the easiest cases because like oh great, there’s no attachment to you. That’s clear, but I mean I haven’t worked in all the kinds of houses that you’ve worked in, and so not always the easiest.

00:26:26 – 00:26:28

Karen: Yeah, it’s always different. I’ll just let that with that.

00:26:31 – 00:26:33

Abigail: It’s ard, it’s multifaceted.

00:26:34 – 00:26:38

Karen: That’s great. That’s a great way to say it. Like every case there’s a little different.

00:26:40 – 00:26:51

Abigail: It’s kind of nice because you know nobody is the same. It’s not like our going to go into the office and you get bored at clucking and clacking out. It’s like, well, who knows what kind of intentional being we’re going to find today. Let’s go see.

00:26:51 – 00:26:53

Karen: Exactly exactly.

00:26:54 – 00:26:59

Abigail: So that’s cool that you work with Tommy on this and he’s demonologist. So how did you find him?

00:26:59 – 00:28:03

Karen: I emailed him he had a radio show, so I wanted to be a guest journalist on his podcast, a boy that has to be at least 20 and 25 years ago, and then we just always stayed in touch and he just turned out to be a great friend. He’d started coming to my shows. He’s actually a TV editor and we’re doing a special together. That was about. I used to have everybody over my house just have groups over on Wednesday nights and we always do something fun and somebody said he do. You want to do a fairy spell and we were all just like water and it’s always funny because Tom always knows when things are going to get wrong. But he’s always like everybody has to make her own mistakes and you could just hear everyone go, let’s do it and Tommy goes. I wouldn’t do this if I were you guys. We all did it and then I ended up with an attachment from which he helped me get rid of. And now it’s going to be like a 30 minute comedy special shoot. I’m writing it and he’s shooting it and he always makes me laugh because I’ve always like someone, always knows before something terrible. They heard Tommy go. I wouldn’t do that if I were.

00:28:04 – 00:28:07

Abigail: The voice of reason that really gets here.

00:28:09 – 00:28:43

Karen: It’s you know that was how I learn. That’s how I know the fact of my patron. I’m getting ready to shoot a thing about knowing the feelings in your body. I know even when I talk about this stuff sometimes I know if my knees down get the chills and none of the rest of the body does, something else is listening. I’m not scared or nothing, but I know I live in a house where it’s very old and I can sort of handle this much and there’s other apartments. But I know as soon as we started talking to about that, everything is like. What are you talking about?

00:28:44 – 00:28:46

Abigail: Talking about us because we’re talking about this.

00:28:48 – 00:29:00

Karen: Feeling and I go okay. This is. This is what’s going on now. So you have to know that feeling in your body. But these entities, these fallen angels, were used to walk the earth as teachers, so it’s all there.

00:29:00 – 00:29:48

Abigail: Absolutely yeah, I believe, and the way I was taught that they’re they’re like dark teachers now, like sometimes angels, and we’ve found, like angels will turn into these demons and attach to people as part of a comic lesson that that individual needs to learn. And in learning that lesson, whatever that be worthiness, love stepping into their power. In that moment, that entity can transform back into light and be released. And that’s really a very loving, beautiful experience, and I find it really helpful, when working with these kinds of energies, to remember that these are also beings of light. Within all darkness, there is light within all light, there is darkness, and so it’s like when you see that part of it. It’s almost like having compassion, like, oh man, it’s energy struggling. Just like me, I should figure out this lesson so I can free us both.

00:29:49 – 00:29:55

Karen: Yeah, there’s some demonic theories, but I don’t want to say theories because that sounds like they’re not.

00:29:56 – 00:30:03

Abigail: Just approaches or experiences. With those approaches you now experience, I find, because that’s how I work.

00:30:04 – 00:31:58

Karen: Yes, and it’s very interesting because I get fascinated, because my obsession and this is why I work in there. So I’m always one foot in the paranormal. Never you know, I didn’t go on an investigation, then come home and we’re all done and I always am very careful about where the information is coming from. And I don’t know if you’ve read this book about John and tell where. They were the first to do enochian magic and they really were channeling the angels. And they came up with this elaborate table and the chest plate and it’s so detailed and they’re channelling information and everything is going great and then there’s a change and the information starts telling them you need to do things like swap wives, and they are like. What is this right, and I actually did broadcast with Mark Fancies. That was so interesting. Talking about the Trickster Spirit, and I do know that angels are great and they’re there for us. It always have. But I wonder if sometimes it can get tricky, or if the lesson is that we think there were monogamy or what it was. But I think you always have to. No matter who you think you’re speaking to, you have to go inside and go. Is this right, like I even wonder if the angels were going. They’re listening, let’s see if they learned to trust themselves. So tell them, and then it all kind of fell apart. So another weird analogy to this is Dorine Virtue. She had all the trocas, she trained people and stuff, but she never used protection and one day she just went all christian. This is all bad, this is all the devil’s work and I wondered if something showed up and tricked her into this sudden change.

00:31:59 – 00:33:17

Abigail: Certainly could. Yeah, I think that’s very interesting. I’m definitely one who believes in protection, number one, absolutely in channelling. The first question I always like to ask is: are you the highest being at this time? You know, and if not, it’s like I’m goin to let you go because I’ve I’ve gone, connected up with my guides, calling in the highest guide at this time and some one else showed up and started talking about these stars and this planet. I’m like, okay. Are you the highest guide for me at this time? Well, like they were malicious, they were just like floating around and just jumped in and had all the stuff to tell him like. That’s great, but that’s not what I’m doing here. So I’m going to let you go. I’m going to speak with my highest guys like you. Just, you know I just did the wrong line or the line was open. He picked it up first, I guess, but it’s like, yeah, I mean, it is big, wild world and things can change. I think what you said about the trick though. Energy is also very interesting because I worked with people who who felt like an energy was being of light and then all of a sudden became a being dark and it kind of really causes one to not trust in the light. And that can be really difficult place because it creates a sort of separation from the light, and I think you touched on it before. You know, maybe it was these angels saying: hey, they need to learn to trust themselves, and do you feel like that is what’s needed in that moment, or do you feel there’s another way to navigate this kind of energy or both?

00:33:18 – 00:33:24

Karen: I’m I’m going to repeat the question because you mean I was goin to say why it happens or when it happens.

00:33:25 – 00:33:39

Abigail: Yeah, so, like when you encounter this trixter energy, where it’s like light and then it becomes dark all of a sudden, do you feel like that’s a need for us to trust ourselves more, or what would you do in that situation?

00:33:40 – 00:34:12

Karen: I would say your answer was correct. I have never had a situation like that where I saw something kind of go between light and dark. I kind of split the two as paranormal and spiritual. The stuff usually that I’m dealing with in the paranormal is dark. It’s all dark. If it’s not the person, it’s usually not anything that’s turning into light. But I would say you have that exactly right. It would be about trusting yourself and then bringing that ultimate connection with Creator Universe back.

00:34:12 – 00:34:39

Abigail: Yeah, absolutely, I love that because it’s hard because, like when that happens and I worked with people on this, there becomes this fear of. Can I trust Universe Creator source? You know it’s like. Is light really light? Is the light gaslighting, you know, but I think when you can’t know externally go within, it’s like when you’re saying I am not, as you don’t continue, affirming who you are. Is that something that can’t really be taken from you when you have that?

00:34:39 – 00:34:55

Karen: Right, and also, you know, it’s very interesting because we were just having a conversation about. There’s a particular football player in the United States who was going back and forth in Peru and was doing it quite a few towns, and now he’s seeing a dark shadow followed him.

00:34:55 – 00:35:02

Abigail: Which you know, it’s one of those things that happens. Plant medicines are amazing, but there are risks involved and people don’t always get educated and to protect themselves.

00:35:03 – 00:36:05

Karen: I agree a 100% and now it’s so popular and this sounds terrible. But I don’t know that I’d go to a foreign country to do it and I know I probably know people that could recommend the best people. But right now and this is just me. But right now I think it’s time to be very, very careful with anything. With plant medicine, with alcohol, with all that stuff, I feel like there’s just a-level of negativity that’s a little higher than usual. So maybe it’s not the time for any of that. But usually the dark kind of hackmen aren’t really dangerous, they’re kind of watchers, they’re kind of just wanting to see what we’re doing. But he was talking about something coming up behind him and he was scared because it was the call that man. I’m goin to call it shadow person, and Tommy had the perspective that maybe that’s not the shadow person. Maybe the shadow person is literally keeping that thing off like it’s a big world and you have to be in the whole thing to know that sometimes the dark isn’t you know we save dark and light some of the darkness, the dark, do you know, wot I mean.

00:36:06 – 00:37:13

Abigail: Absolutely absolutely like I had had one experience when we were talking, but like the trickster energy where I was like I would see this beautiful kind of angel being in front of me and then all of a sudden it would get kind of evil. And this was happening for a couple of years. And then I was just doing a ton of yoga, like mostly, and yoga for self healing to heal my body. And of course I’d go in there. But I would go on all of these big spiritual journeys to heal the spiritual part and I saw that energy and I kind of was shown. My life is like this wheel and all of these different lifetimes in it. And there’s these parts where it would be like now, like dragging a computer, like just go to those parents and be like you sound, just be all-black and jagged, colored. Be like what she is going on there and I thought, scared. But then I was like spirits sat on. My guide said these are the parts not yet healed and I had done some working, got dark light, angel, and it was like this is the part of you that is also afraid. This is also the shadow part of you that you have not yet healed and it’s like this is the duality you’ve been living in. But when you heal and integrate those parts, then that duality is no longer so polarized.

00:37:14 – 00:38:54

Karen: Yes, and it’s kind of like one of the symbols in the Rider deck, because that’s my back that I do. Ter gray is the best color because it is the combining of white and black, where everything is white and black. I do call journaling and I do Kaka journeys now, which have been really hopeful. I just started that. I’m very happy with that. It’s not quite taking you as far as the other ones, but I was immediately shown. I started doing studies on the archangel because I feel like I can get too dark, like I can really get wrapped up in the dark side and go. You better start balancing that out, and I started doing research on the archangels and things started to get really light. And then there was this very clear message and the message was they showed like a pencil like this and they said: okay, so this is you, so you’re learning to come up here and communicate and archangels, but remember, you’re always expanding exponentially, so you’re going like this. So the dark down here is just as clearly seeing you as the light. And they were always like: don’t ever forget that which goes with something. Somebody sat on a podcast, which is the people that might be attacked or under possession are the ones that, like Mother Teresa, became possessed because she was like I’m all good, it’s all light, it’s all you know, and they were like: no, you’re not, you are just as dark as anybody else and we’re going to balance that out. So I always remember that, know certain people. I was reading for a woman once and she was all about. You know, I’m just prayer and love and light, and I was like you know.

00:38:54 – 00:39:11

Abigail: It’s like you can’t that’s like we can’t deny a part of ourselves. You know it’s like we are these wings of light and dark, and the dark is not necessarily evil or bad. It’s just another aspect. You know it’s like the yin and the yang. That’s just just the world of duality that we live in. This is the airplane.

00:39:12 – 00:39:28

Karen: Yes, yes, so it always is what it is, it’s not. You’re safer because you’re reading the Bible, you’re still moving up and you’re not safer because you’re just reading about Archangels, Karin. You’re you’re bringing your whole light bigger, which means everyone’s going to.

00:39:28 – 00:39:44

Abigail: Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly, and that’s just, you know, allowing yourself to be seen but also stand-in your power. It’s like having both of those happen. Yeah, it’s beautiful, and so tell me about the terror. How do you work with that and how do you work with people with that?

00:39:45 – 00:42:11

Karen: I have to have had a past life in too, because I think I saw three psychics when I was younger and two of them told me my last life: I was in the circus and the third one didn’t believe in past lives and he told me I should work in the circus and I really, as for Terra Teacher, this man named Jacklin, Valdez and Nino, and I went to see her once and I was like this is different than anything else or any type of reading I’ve ever gotten. And she always said you should buy a deck and learn about it. And she would show me because she was brought up with a whole family of Taro and she would show me this card means this and then when these are combined they mean this. And I was like I didn’t believe that I was psychic or intuitive, or some people don’t like it when you say psychic with terror, but I think it’s all the same. It’s just a little different way to approach it and I was like if I learn everything about these cards, I should be able to put this together, like upon them. So I became obsessed with the symbols and the colours, and this is a big word. But I might even be a little bit of a historian of the Rider weight deck because I learned so much about it while I was learning. It’s of course making your intuition and your psychic abilities better and better and better. So I would say I teach people two ways to. This is why everyone calls me in an emergency, because I can throw the cards and tell you exactly this means and it’ll be right when I do a reading. I do some of that and then some of it is just glancing and putting the story together. So it’s a little of both. I have other decks and I love other decks, but that is just it’s like my little friend. I’m making a Terro journal and to download the cards and get the exact picture is a little hard. I downloaded what I could and then on a program. I coloured them incorrect and did all things, and I felt like Pamela Colman was behind me. Going. God looks good, I think you got that color, but I think that is a great basis for anyone. But that’s how I started and what was odd was so in my cyclic stand-up show where I’m reading for people from the stage and I’m making jokes. It’s actually two forms of thinking and it’s the most fun, challenging thing I could do and a couple of other psychics we’re like: how do you do it so fast? And I think it’s because that obsession with the cards they’re a part of. So I can do it, that that was going somewhere and I forgot.

00:42:11 – 00:42:25

Abigail: I love that that’s so cool. I love that you and it’s like sounds like muscle memory. Like you, that obsession is allowed it to become a part of you and so you can be a comedian and give us like terror reading on time, which is amazing.

00:42:26 – 00:43:02

Karen: Well, what was funny was I was doing it on-stage as a comedian. I had gone to my teacher. I had called her and said: listen, do you think this is disrespecting the cards? If I do this, and she said: I think the fact that you ask the question means you’re not disrespecting ones. And I was actually doing it before. It was a business and I think about how other people might want to be like. I want to know it and have you know, but I was like: no, we’re doing it on the stage in front of people. I don’t care what they were doing it and then I was like you know, maybe this is a business and then I started as a.

00:43:02 – 00:43:08

Abigail: That’s beautiful, I love that so, and you teach the classes as well right online.

00:43:08 – 00:43:19

Karen: Yes, I have an online class that I think if you sign up for my email it’s half off or something like that, but it’s like eight hours. It’s pretty intense. I’d tell people it’s a, it’s a beginner’s class, but it’s a.

00:43:20 – 00:43:27

Abigail: Well, that’s good. That’s what you want, right. It’s like it’s detailed. You’re going to really understand it from someone who has embodied it and made an extension of the.

00:43:27 – 00:43:31

Karen: No one who loves put out all the nights and I go here are my boy.

00:43:32 – 00:43:45

Abigail: I love that. So if someone wants to come and see you on a show, I can. We can put all the showings in, but do you travel around and give these you ter stand-up shows? Where can they find you?

00:43:45 – 00:44:41

Karen: Yes, anybody can either follow me on Instagram. The best way to do it is, though, through my email list, which you go, I send out like four emails a year. I don’t do a weekly or anything like I don’t have enough to say. But if they sign up for the list, that’s the best and then my stand-up dates will come to them, because I’m getting very nervous instruments getting hacked or copied or all that stuff, and I know everybody likes the social media, but I’m thinking that could be gone in a blank for any reason. So that’s the best way. And then if I’m coming to your town and then if you want most clubs, I would say 99% of the clubs, I do the psychic stand-up show, but you can always email me if that’s all you’re interested in and say: is that straight stand-up or are you doing psychic stand-up and I’ll let them know or just come see a show. They’re fun kind of work all over the place, Jes Louis, in September I’ll be in. So wherever you are, I’m probably coming to you, just you have to.

00:44:41 – 00:44:44

Abigail: I’m going to be a stand-up show, like a stick stand-up show in to buy.

00:44:46 – 00:44:51

Karen: That one will probably just be a stand-up I hate to say this, but I don’t know.

00:44:51 – 00:44:55

Abigail: The cultural acceptance? Yeah, I would. I would be nervous about that too.

00:44:56 – 00:45:04

Karen: And they are very strict about language and content, so I’m sure you know we don’t need to find out you could be jailed.

00:45:05 – 00:45:10

Abigail: Not worth that risk, but that’s so cool that you dig, wanted to buy really like all over the world.

00:45:10 – 00:45:21

Karen: Yeah, yeah, it’s this business is such a blessing. I’ve seen everything. I’ve been to Greenland, I’ve been to all different countries in the middle-east and just wonderful.

00:45:21 – 00:45:34

Abigail: Well, obviously you’re funny, obviously you’re very talented and then and then, if people, so people can work with, you, can come to your show. They can take a terror lesson from you. You do readings as well.

00:45:34 – 00:46:02

Karen: Yeah, I do readings. You can sign up for reading on my website. I do 30 minutes, 45 an hour. I haven’t really raised my prices in a couple of years. I really get a great clientele between Standup and Taro. You know what I mean: everything life is good, so I get a great client. Tell of people’s you. I don’t know why I’m saying that, but I just I really love my people, like my friends are like I’m talking this much and I’m always like I think I like my people. I don’t.

00:46:02 – 00:46:07

Abigail: You want to change it. I respect that. Yeah, you’re a good spot and then you have a patron as well. Right.

00:46:08 – 00:46:35

Karen: Yes, now the patron is great. If people want to see kind of what I do, there’s a three dollar level where you get three days a week, you get the card of the day where I explain what the card means and I give you a little more. There’s a five dollar level where you get extra boasts of paranormal. There’s a $10 everywhere. You just get the classes. There’s one and 15 minute class every Thursday and then you can get the whole thing if you want, which is a whole bunch of it. You’ve got to see. You’ll see how much I love Ter if you sign up for.

00:46:36 – 00:46:45

Abigail: I love it, and then, if someone is like, I’m pretty sure I’ve got all this weird demon stuff going on. Do you and Tommy work with clients?

00:46:46 – 00:46:50

Karen: Send me an email. We’re having a problem. Send me an email we’ll go for.

00:46:50 – 00:47:05

Abigail: I love that, a woman of many talents. I have to go to one of our shows. I have to go to one of your sick shows and see that in action, as I think that is just such a cool combination. I don’t know anyone else that does that. And what a beautiful way to bring your unique medicine into the world. So cool!

00:47:06 – 00:47:17

Karen: Thank you very much. Yeah, we’re hoping to. I’m hoping to get it more and more on the road, but right now clubs are like: do whatever you want. Nice, it’s just yeah, it’s really different. It’s it’s nice. Yeah, I enjoy it. I’m so happy with.

00:47:17 – 00:47:26

Abigail: Do people that come like they know it’s on the stand-up when they’re calm, or are people who are like schic too like? Do people get surprised by that or what’s your reaction like?

00:47:27 – 00:48:00

Karen: Sometimes they do, sometimes I just do it. I’ll do like half an hour to stand-up and then I’ll do 20 minutes of the psychic stand-up but everything, even all my paranormal stuff or what I’m doing. It’s all palatable because if you don’t believe that I’m really psychic, you’re at least laughing, you’re having a good time. So it’s such a combination and I’ve never had anyone offended. That was christian or didn’t believe. Like I said, it really has something for everybody. So if you don’t believe or you don’t want to ask the question, you’re still going to have a great.

00:48:00 – 00:48:15

Abigail: I love that love. That’s the power of the comedian. You have laughter to like navigate around people’s spiritual beliefs or various blocks or whatever it is that would normally trigger them. But it’s like this: the comedy is a bridge to open up the world of possibility to them just.

00:48:16 – 00:48:20

Karen: Absolutely, and I’m sure, a lot of people walk out and are like I didn’t use to believe that, but.

00:48:21 – 00:48:25

Abigail: That was some weird stuff that happened. It doesn’t in line with reality of the experience.

00:48:25 – 00:48:38

Karen: And just so people know, all my readings are over the phone, so I have clients all over the world, so don’t worry about having to be in the. I think the lockdown did. What kind of everybody understands? Now you can do it right.

00:48:38 – 00:48:43

Abigail: Yeah, it’s so convenient. I love working from home. I’m literally wearing sweat pants right now and it’s so great.

00:48:44 – 00:48:46

Karen: I’m not worrying.

00:48:46 – 00:48:57

Abigail: Even better, so what is the best place to reach you? Like your website, your social love client and shows as well, but if you want to just mention it here too.

00:48:58 – 00:49:21

Karen: Sure, Karen Antoski dotcom or antoski dotcom, it’s very easy to spell. I always tell people: if you put in comedian Karin, I’m going to come up, I’m the only Polish, I guess Tusk or Paranormal care and all that stuff. But really Rantos dotcom. For years I had Karnonou and I was like: why don’t you just buy Rantos? That’s so much easier now.

00:49:21 – 00:49:37

Abigail: That’s brilliant, so nice, even unique name, love that! Well, thank you so much for being here. Is there any message you want to leave the audience with anyone who’s like? Maybe they’re curious about getting into taro or maybe they’re whoever you feel out there is the anything you want to say to them?

00:49:38 – 00:50:12

Karen: I would say, especially if someone wants to get into Ter, go online and launch a bunch of Taro readers and see if you like it, it’s not for everyone. Some people don’t like the cards, but to me they’re just absolutely fun. And if you think you’re psychic, but you’re not sure, they can be a great way to develop and give you some confidence in it, I don’t think anyone watching this broadcast would be. But don’t be afraid. I’ll you know I mean, don’t be afraid of terror. I was taught that the cards were pieces of cardboard and the magic is going on here. So don’t be afraid to buy a deck and don’t be afraid to buy your own.

00:50:12 – 00:50:25

Abigail: Of that, yeah, yeah, don’t be afraid of magic, it’s part of us right, it’s part of this world that we live in. Remembering that I love, well, thank you so much for being here and sharing all this beautiful wisdom and all that you do.

00:50:25 – 00:50:30

Karen: And thank you, Abigail. I just adore you and I can’t wait to have you back on my.

00:50:31 – 00:51:15

Abigail: Thank you. I adore you too. You’re so great. I’ll write all you beautiful beings. Thank you for listening to this episode. I hope it gave you a ton of value and inside and if you know anyone else that would benefit from this, please share it with them and your ratings and reviews are always so helpful to and if you would like, more support and more community and connection. You can check me out on instagram and facebook that you are mine body free, share live trainings and healing resources in my facebook group and instagram every week and you can find the links for that in the show notes until next time. Send you my love.

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