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It Isn't Crazy To Be Magical

This episode of the Mind Body Free Podcast “It isn’t Crazy to be Magical” is for everyone who’s questioned or doubted their innate gifts and ability to sense a world beyond the physical dimension. As children, we share openly if we see or hear spirits and sense aspects of a more subtle world. But being misunderstood by adults, this can sadly get passed off as sign of mental instability and leave us with a fear that closes us off from our innate abilities.

Accessing our innate gifts often involves letting go of the fear and disbelief that we learned from society when we were very little. Once we do that, we’re able to come into a greater sense of wholeness with ourselves and the world in which we live.

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Full Show Transcript

Abby (00:00:00)  Hello, and welcome to the Mind Body Free podcast. I’m your host, Abigail Moss. I’m a healer, I’m a teacher and mentor. I help women to free themselves of past traumas and pain to connect with their passion and purpose and share their gifts with the world. And something that I want to speak to you about today is.

Abby (00:00:23) This idea of questioning yourself, of questioning your sanity. We live in a world where magic wasn’t allowed to be real for a very long time in a world where if you were really little and you heard voices or you saw spirits, or you interpreted reality around you in a way that wasn’t deemed acceptable, it would be called crazy.

Abby (00:00:51) And that has led us to a fear of one being crazy and two being put away somewhere or being treated in a way. As if you didn’t have your senses about you. And there’s a lot of fear around that, you know, there’s a lot of fear in what would happen to you if you were deemed insane and sent to an institution.

Abby (00:01:16) And it’s quite tragic, it’s quite sad. You know, what’s happened to many gifted people. Who has these innate abilities, especially as children were so open, we don’t have any beliefs about what reality should be. We simply perceive through our senses and that opens us up and enables us to see more of the world around us.

Abby (00:01:38) And part of what we do as adults is unlearning these things that we’ve learned growing up to unlearn fear of our gifts, to unlearn fear of. The world beyond the obvious and physical to unlearn fear of the spirit of the mystery of life and consciousness, a world that we are all a part of, you know, it is a very exiting part of our being of the universe and to fear dimension of yourself, this leads to a loss of getting to experience that part of yourself and that part of life.

Abby (00:02:18) So we unlearn fear of that step one and realize that there’s nothing wrong with that many cultures around the world. Believe in the spiritual world work with it and acknowledge it. It’s normal. And it used to be for even more cultures before colonialism, before the witch trials, before. Christian laws impose different, um, rules on how people could practice their form of spirituality.

Abby (00:02:53) Or as I like to see a connection with yourself and with consciousness. So what would happen if you take away that fear and you take away those rules and you take away any judgment or shame around having these gifts in the first place, maybe you would lead to exploration to curiosity. To an awakening of something inside of you and empowering of something inside of you that you’ve always had.

Abby (00:03:24) You know, as children, we are naturally open and these gifts want to flow through us, but sometimes we close them off to feel safe, to belong, to fit into a society where maybe that’s not allowed. And then you go about life fitting into that society, but you don’t fit into yourself because you know that something’s missing, you know, that there’s more out there and we spend some time trying to remember what that was, what we were looking for.

Abby (00:03:56) And we feel like we’re on the cusp of something. We feel like we’re close to it. Like we could almost reach out and grab it and just remember. What that is. I mean, that’s a part of us, a part of life that’s calling to us. We know there’s something inside of us, never forget that. And so the journey is about remembering that part of you, remembering those gifts that you naturally have not feared, but using them as a tool to help heal yourself, to maybe help others.

Abby (00:04:32) If that’s your path. To step fully into your power and who you’re meant to be and who ultimately you already are. So it’s a process of forgetting what we learned growing up about what’s acceptable. What’s not acceptable, who we need to be, who we can’t be, and discovering again, rediscovering who we are.

Abby (00:04:59) What does it mean? What do we want to know about ourselves, about the universe? What is that calling? Where is it coming from and what does it want to tell us? What is it calling us to? And so this is what I do when I work with my mentor students, as I help to guide them back to themselves, back to the part of them that already has all of the answers.

Abby (00:05:27) That already has all those gifts inside. And when you access the part of you, you awaken your healer within you and learn how to let go of the pain, how to let go of the anxiety that oppresses the overwhelm, the agitation and frustration that comes from being disconnected with this part of you. And as you fully embody the wholeness of yourself, It’s endlessly freeing, it’s endlessly liberating.

Abby (00:06:01) You step back into alignment with who you are, that changes your health. It changes your mood, your mindset. It changes the world around you. And with that, other things evolved, maybe things that you used to enjoy don’t anymore. Maybe you find new people to connect with. That’s all part of the growth.

Abby (00:06:21) It’s all part of the transformation. And it’s a rewarding experience with a rewarding journey to be on. And yeah, change is a part of that. And change doesn’t need to be scary because what you’re doing is you’re going back to who you are. It’s letting go of anything untrue, letting go of the confusion, letting go of fear and remembering yourself, remembering what you came here to do.

Abby (00:06:53) And in that process become free, realizing how powerful you already are and freeing yourself of those things that kept you small. It’s about remembering and knowing and embodying every part of you that you are worthy of. You are enough that you belong, that you have a voice that deserves to be shared.

Abby (00:07:23) That you matter. And as you connect with all of that, so much changes places where you felt small, you don’t any more places where you used to hide. You don’t need too much more pain that gets held in your body, emotions that were trapped in your body, get to be released and your body doesn’t have to carry that anymore.

Abby (00:07:46) And it can heal.

Abby (00:07:51) And it all happens together as you step into who you truly are as you step into your alignment of yourself. So I like to remind you that no, you are not crazy. You are in the process of becoming saner in an insane world and the awakening of your gifts, the remembering of your gifts. It’s a rising, it’s a reemergence of part of you, a part of humanity, a part of who we’ve been since we were writing pictures on caves, it’s remembering the connection of ourselves, of nature, of the universe, remembering of the spirit of the heart.

Abby (00:08:46) Coming back into that place of wholeness within yourself and with life. And that is profoundly beautiful in ways that can’t even be imagined just yet. But as you step into this journey and go into that experience,

Abby (00:09:10) it will guide you. It will take you to places like that. You’ve been looking for it, it’ll take you to the places that have been calling you because of that feeling that you have like there has to be something more than this. That’s part of that call, the feeling like I want to do more. I want to help more. I want to feel good in my body.

Abby (00:09:36) That feeling like you’re on the cusp. You’re so close because you are, you are so close, you just need to keep searching and what you seek, you shall find because you’re what you’re looking for is looking for you. And this is my role to help you find that. And in finding that you heal yourself, you stepped back into your power.

Abby (00:10:03) You remember who you are. And do you remember the place where you belong in yourself in your life with life in your purpose? And the most beautiful thing that I get to witness is that unfolding. And if this is something that speaks to you, I encourage you to reach out. You can find more about me and what I do@mindbodyfree.com and.

Abby (00:10:32) The mentor classes are going to be opening up for registration fairly soon. So you can book a discovery call and see if this might be the right fit for you. Because if you’ve been struggling, I’ve been wondering if you’re crazy. If all of these feelings that you have of there being more out there are real.

Abby (00:10:52) If magic is real if it’s possible to heal what’s going on in your body, if that’s where you’re at, then I’m here. Because yes, magic is real. Yes. You can heal what’s going on in your body. No, you’re not crazy. What you’re looking for is looking for you. It’s calling you and the world needs you right now.

Abby (00:11:15) The world needs your gifts. You’re being called for a reason, and I’m here to help you find it. Well, thank you so much for listening. I love you sending you so many blessings knowing that you’re not alone, that you’re a part of remembering, arising, and awakening of the sacred. And thank you for being on earth.

Abby (00:11:41) Thank you for being here at this time. And remember that you have so much to share that you have medicine, unlike anyone else’s. And simply remembering who you are. You step into that and you embody that. And if you’d like to learn how to heal your mind, body, and spirit, and connect with your inner healer with your gifts, then go to mindbodyfree.com and schedule a free discovery call.

Abby (00:12:10) And you can also find me on Facebook and Instagram at @yourmindbodyfree until next time, we’ll talk soon.


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