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Live Coaching: Lisa's Dream

In this live dream coaching session, I guide Lisa through a process of understanding the deeper meaning held within one of her dreams. She unpacks powerful aspects of herself and her diverse family lineage as the wisdom of her ancestors and guides speak to her through her dream.

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Full Show Transcript

Abby (00:00):

Hello, and welcome to the mindbodyfree podcast. I am your host Abigail Moss. And today I am speaking with the lovely Lisa Wong, who is gracious to be my guest today. We’re going to be doing some work together on understanding one of Lisa’s dreams and unpacking that and kind of learning a process of really discovering the deep meaning and rich insight and healing wisdom that our dreams can hold for us. So before we jump into that, I want to share a little bit about Lisa. She’s a beautiful teacher, a mentor, a healer. She is a spiritual intuitive coach and mentor author Reiki, master creator, and master of dragon path, energy healing, NLP, and CBT practitioner. Having experienced many facets of life. She has dedicated herself to her healing and understanding working in her own shadow and understanding the necessity of our shadow has brought her to this place of infinite healing. She’s honored to share her gifts with you as a coach, mentor, teacher, or practitioner as you walk your journey through this lifetime, just as a beautiful spirit guide and has a great sense of down-to-earth humor, which I appreciate, especially in the spiritual world. So thank you, Lisa. Welcome. Thanks

Lisa (01:25):

Abigail. It’s lovely to be here with you.

Abby (01:27):

Well, we have you, so you dream obviously to tell me about what dreams are like for you. You remember them often, do you have vivid dreams? What’s that world like for you right now?

Lisa (01:40):

Dreams for me have always been vivid. They have always been in color and for me, they are more representative of a journey, and there, not a lot of disconnection within my dreams. They’re usually quite fluid and how they transition. Some of them are very easy to understand and others not so much.

Abby (02:12):

Yeah. Sometimes there’s the one where it’s like WTF was that.

Lisa (02:18):

Those are the ones. Yeah. I am very excited about this cause I have a very interesting dream to share when we get to that point. So I’m excited about it as well. Cause I enjoy learning about myself and learning from people as beautiful as you as well. You

Abby (02:40):

Thank you. Yeah. When it comes to learning, I just feel like it’s a lifelong process and just getting to be around other people who are on this path is so fun. And it’s so exciting because I can talk about stuff like that. And then this. And then this just keeps sparking and more momentum and growth and it’s a lot of fun. Having been, you know, growing up as the weirdo and then meeting the other weirdos. It’s like, it’s great to be a weirdo.

Lisa (03:16):

I agree with that as well.

Abby (03:24):

Weirdos unite.

Lisa (03:24):

Let’s make it weird.

Abby (03:26):

Yeah, exactly. All right. So tell me about this dream. So this, this dream that you want to look at today is that a vivid dream or, A scary or colorful, or what was that dream life?

Lisa (03:42):

It was vivid. And my, I, I dream in color pretty much all the time. Cool. I rarely have a monochrome dream and this dream is really interesting because there were so many things transitioning throughout the dream and it went so quickly that, I am, I’m still trying to process the information, obviously it wasn’t, one of those dreams for me that was easy to go, I got the message on that one. This one is an interesting dream. And to be given with when the dream began, I saw this wall of clay in a building and it was interesting because the architecture was very ancient and there was this very smooth wall. And then I saw the face begin to form within the side of the wall, the face wasn’t frightening. It was there. And the wall was kind of a brownish color. It wasn’t dark brown, it wasn’t light brown. It was kind of brown and red and gold. And this face appeared on this wall.

Lisa (05:21):

And then it kind of went, I don’t know if you know what a cut, how a cut scene goes, where everything just kind of cuts and then you’re into a different scene. And this is what happened within this next scene. There was this face of this very young person, unaware of the sexual orientation of this person. Their hair was pulled right back off their face. So I couldn’t tell very large green eyes, very smooth, clear skin. And all I could see was the neck and the head, very pleasing to look at. And I felt that I wanted to connect with this person, this being right then. And it was almost that feeling of being greedy, to interact with this person, wanting to have that connection right away, and being impatient, that it couldn’t happen immediately. As soon as I had that understanding and my dream, we went to another cutscene where this person disappeared. And we went to another cut scene, which was a village and the village was built into the side of a mountain. And yet there was the ocean or a sea below it. And all of the buildings were made of clay and stone.

Lisa (07:00):

All of the people were dressed in very colorful clothes. And every person that was represented was different in coloring in the race, in the things they were carrying. It didn’t appear as if there was one specific type of person that was in this village. It was so eclectic and so amazing. And there was music playing in the background. And on one side of the street, it was one kind of music. And on the other side of the street, it was another kind of music. And there was no clashing of the music. They worked together. And after I spent some time there, I went to the last cutscene, which was the wall again with the door. And that’s when I woke up

Abby (08:19):

Making some notes furiously over here. Yeah. Like a quick it’s like, you’ve got a full movie download. That’s how my dreams are so interesting. I love it. It’s so interesting too. I find that when you pay attention to your dreams, they have lots to say, it’s like, you’re listening. All right. I have all this to tell you. Okay, what we’ll do is we’ll, I’m going to kind of make some notes for some key symbols in your dream. And then together, we’ll go into each symbol and start unpacking what it has, what that one means. And then it’s going to start making more sense as we look at each symbol, the other ones are going to make more sense too. Cause we’re going to get more context as we go. Okay. Okay. Cool. Beautiful. So you see, we started with the wall of clay in a building with ancient architecture and there’s a smooth wall where a face formed.

Abby (09:11):

So let’s just start with the building that you were in. And so something that I would kind of like to do, I don’t feel like it’s super necessary. Cause I feel like you’re a very connected person, but I think just connecting quickly with the light and providing the support of our guys and guardians as we go on this journey. So let’s just close our eyes real quick and just imagine some light pouring down from above. And I’ll take you through your head, your brain, eyes, ears, throat, arms, hands, and into your lungs, belly, hips, and legs. Just feeling that pouring down and just melting into you and feeling some tree roots, going into the earth and plugging in with a core of mother earth. I find that pulsing life force and feeling mother earth send some love up your tree, roots up your legs, into the center of your chest, and then feeling light, radiating out, filling your whole body, the whole room you’re in whole building in that light feel from above and then below filling the whole city, the whole country and the whole planet. And just feeling ourselves like connected and supportive from above and below and wrapped in a bubble of light and just the volume of support from our guys, guardians angels, and beings of light to work with us, to support and guide us and understand Lisa’s dream for the highest good of all. And creating a safe and sacred space to do so that dream just was like, woof, feeling it again.

Abby (11:07):

Yeah. There’s a lot there. I can feel that too. Yeah. As soon as you mentioned the face appearing on the wall, I was like, there’s some, well I can feel the tingles. Okay, good. So let’s become that building more and more energy as we talk. Do you feel that that’s great? Okay. So how it works is yeah. Lisa spanned herself. Okay. Got it. Because we feel you, So how it works is I’m going to ask you to become the building and you’re going to say as the building I am, and then give me three words to describe yourself and say I am, and then whatever three words come to mind

Lisa (11:59):

Like the building, I am strong, flexible, and supportive.

Abby (12:12):

Okay, perfect. And strong, flexible, supportive. What do you represent for Lisa? Okay.

Lisa (12:24):

For Lisa, I represent okay. Support that. Wasn’t always there in my understanding as I was growing up.

Abby (12:40):

And what messages might you have for Lisa? There was always support. Okay.

Lisa (12:57):

You have always been a person of strength and you have found kindness in being flexible in your understanding of your healing.

Abby (13:11):

All right. So we’re going to let that go for now when you just kind of wash that away with light. And I want to tune in with the face that forms in that wall and that smooth wall. So has the face, can you give me three words to describe yourself, facade truth, breakthrough energy, there, facade truth breaks through what do you represent for Elisa?

Lisa (13:58):

Yeah, that represents to me in accepting myself wholly and completely with all of the attributes that I have that make up who I am in my entirety.

Abby (14:17):

Okay. Perfect. And how’s the face? What messages might you have for Lisa?

Lisa (14:25):

Thank you for embracing all of your cultures. Interesting. They are as one. Yeah. I can feel that.

Abby (14:39):

Yeah. Beautiful. Whew. All right. They’re going to let that go for now. And we’re going to move to the next scene. So we had the cutscene where we went to the face of a very young person who was in the Trojan office and they had large green eyes and smooth, clear skin and they, and you wanted to connect with them, and you kind of felt impatient and almost Creedy about wanting to connect. So let’s become that person in that scene. So as that person, can you give me three words to describe yourself: patient, receptive, expensive, right? Patient X is receptive, expansive. What do you represent for Lisa?

Lisa (15:53):

The connection does not necessarily have to happen on the physical plane. Yeah. Thank goodness. The other interesting thing. It was a stop searching.

Abby (16:11):

Which is interesting to me. What did that mean to you?

Lisa (16:26):

I feel as if there’s a connection between a long-term friendship that ended in a not ideal manner and for a time wondering if I would ever be able to reconnect with another human being on that level of trust and security.

Abby (17:01):

And there’s, I want to kind of unpack that more, but I also want to keep going with the dream. So hold me back for now. All right. So I’d let that go for now. And let’s move into the third scene when we were in the village and built on the side of a mountain by the sea, and there were buildings made of clay and stone and all of these colorful people of all different cultures and races were in colorful clothes. And there was music playing from two different places. And it wasn’t clashing. It was working together. So let’s start with being the village. So as the village, what are three words you would use to yourself? Harmony allowing and opposites, right? Harmony allows opposites. What do you represent for Lisa?

Lisa (18:10):

The creation of the foundation that I have and accepting everything about who I am, who my family is, who my ancestors are, understanding that they have at times been on opposing sides of issues. And yet they came together in harmony at this one place at one time.

Abby (18:38):

Hmm. What a powerful thing. Do you have any messages for Lisa at this time as the village?

Lisa (18:48):

Something that I’ve been telling myself since I was a child, is that I fit wherever I am. There’s no need to fit in

Abby (19:00):

Wise words. All right. Now let’s let that go. Hey, so there’s the two songs. Let’s connect with one of the songs. So whichever one jumps into your mind first, and like that song, what are three words to describe yourself? Honoring ceremony, heartbeat, beautiful honoring ceremony, heartbeat. What do you represent for Lisa’s connection and what messages do you have for Lisa?

Lisa (19:42):

The first part that I’m receiving comes to me in a vision and it’s to go to the fire, to meet with the ancestors. And the second is the song of the Eagle, the Wolf, and the bear.

Abby (20:04):

Those sound like they have some deep significance for you. Is that a place where you’ve gone before to the fire to meet with the ancestors, or is that the first time that’s appeared in that vision for you?

Lisa (20:17):

One of my primary guides takes me to the fire.

Abby (20:22):

Yeah. Time to go do that. Maybe there’s a meeting on your calendar now with your guides. It’s a possibility. Beautiful. And then with the song of the Eagle Wolf and bear, are you comfortable sharing if you know what that means to you, have you, is that something that has been coming to you and visions before

Lisa (20:55):

Eagle is freedom? Wolf is intuition. Bear is strength. Mm, a powerful combination. Yeah. Beautiful.

Abby (21:14):

All kinds of tingles and chambers can feel the power of all that all of your grads are like right here. Whenever she’s ready. We’ll be here waiting for probably after we’re finished. Yeah. I was like, all right. You know, the memo now

Lisa (21:30):

Time to go into meditation.

Abby (21:31):

Yeah, totally. Okay. Beautiful. So thank you. So we can let that thing go. And let’s just kind of, I just want to ask you, and then we can unpack it a bit together. What that meant for you. Like what those scenes coming together felt like for you.

Lisa (21:55):

Two things had come to me. One was representative of my journey, from a place of beginning where the dream was into going to where I currently am and then maybe future casting a bit. The other thing that came to me is that there is an understanding about what community is socially and I’m not to get hung up on what community means as the dictionary tells us, the community is much more than that. And to expand into that. So

Abby (22:47):

Why is, you know, when you’re tagging, I just feel this sense of peace and calm. It’s like, Ugh, like all of the worldly things, it’s like, I just, like, I feel the perspective of your wisdom, but it’s just so nourishing to be in that field. So thank you. You’re welcome. Yeah. Especially during these times when there are all kinds of stuff in the field, that’s, you know, it can feel like a storm. It’s nice to be in that grounded presence of like I’m not to get caught up in what this says. Okay. So, yeah. And then, do you mind if I, I speak a little bit to what I saw as well in your

Lisa (23:29):

Dream. Okay, please, please. Am I excited to hear what you received?

Abby (23:34):

Yeah. Okay. So, and I’ve, I have kind of my notes here, so I’m just going to kind of touch on the notes and then talk a bit about kind of what it felt like on my side. So the building was this, strong, flexible support, and it didn’t always feel like it was there growing up, but the message that I had for you is that says, it said there’s always support and you’ve always been a person of strength and your kindness and flexibility in your journey of healing has created the strength in you. That’s beautiful. That’s so too. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah. Thank you. And you know, the building was made of clay and things were forming in that building. So it’s like it holds you up, but it can still also be moving and dynamic. And the face formed in that clay, the words were facade truth and breakthrough, and it represented accepting yourself wholly and completely. And, the message it had for you was just thanking you for embracing all of your cultures. And they are all one. I feel like there’s a lot of energy and a lot of power in that last sentence that it shares with you. I want to cry every time I touch it because there’s a lot of energy there.

Lisa (25:02):

Motional Energy through the lineage.

Abby (25:07):

Yeah. I can feel that. It’s like, all I have all these ancestors behind, like all these ancestors connected to you there. I feel like they’re all behind me and they’re all like, they’re excited. She’s like, she’s doing it, she’s bringing it together. So we’ve always wanted them to do that. They’ve got very enthusiastic energy either. Quite nice. You know, as I know

Lisa (25:39):

I enjoy my time with them.

Abby (25:42):

I bet. Okay. And moving on to the next scene, you felt into that person, that androgynous person and they were patient receptive and expansive and the, they represented, this message, that connection doesn’t necessarily have to happen on the physical plane and to stop searching. And what I kind of feel into that is the sense of just kind of the mind, you know, on the physical plane, the physical plane mind opening up the higher self-connection. So the soul, you that’s connected to many other souls and dimensions and deep, profound beingness and oneness. And that sense of just reminding the mind here, the personality part, Hey, there’s this other part, you know, as you let go of searching, you’ll find what’s already here is kind of tell me where I’m wrong. There

Lisa (26:55):

It’s so interesting because there’s, I almost feel as if, when I do my meditations and I go, wherever I go, depending on what my intention is, and I’m looking for connection, I’m searching for connection on these other dimensions in these other planes. And I feel as if maybe that’s the messages when you go, just go to experience, don’t go to look for something you don’t necessarily, it’s kind of like going for a hike and going, well, I’m going to go for a hike and I’m going to look for a, something, and then going on the hike and not experiencing that, that you put the expectation on, and then maybe feeling disappointed instead of going on the hike to experience the hiking itself.

Abby (27:57):

And that’s a great analogy.

Lisa (28:02):

Thank you. But that’s how I’m feeling. This being, this person was about to stop putting an expectation on where it is. Yeah.

Abby (28:16):

Yeah. Cause in that, when you were sharing that part of that scene, you said that in the dream, you felt this wanting to connect with that person and this impatience about wanting to connect well when you turned in with them, part of what they embodied was patience and receptivity can expand that. That’s so interesting.

Lisa (28:37):

It’s like, yeah, chill out.

Abby (28:40):

I know it’s ironic. Sometimes the less we try, the easier it is like that. Good. Yeah. Okay, good. So moving into the next scene. So scene three was the village and its key. It kind of feels like this brings, brings it all together. In the first and second scenes and this one, the village itself represented harmony and harmony allowing and opposites. And it was on the foundation that the foundation of acceptance of your family, your ancestors who came together in harmony at this one place and one time, and the message for you here was that you fit wherever you are. There’s no need to fit in kind of yes. Yeah. And I, you know, it’s this, this kind of sense of wherever I am is where I belong because I belong to me.

Abby (29:49):

Yes, absolutely.

Abby (29:53):

And then there was, we connected with the song there. There were two songs playing in that village, but they were kind of playing, in harmony, like they were working together, they didn’t clash and they represented the honoring ceremony and heartbeat. And they were about connection. And they said to go to the fire to meet with the ancestors and the song of the EA and the other vision that came with that as a message was the song of the Eagle Wolf and bear, which represent freedom, intuition, and strength. So the next step, to have an action item from the streets.

Abby (30:35):

Yay. Here’s is your next task on your journey of life? Yeah, so it feels like a lot of it, the overarching feeling was, you know, you’re supported, you’re strong and you’ve built this strength through your flexibility and your kindness in your journey of healing. And that connection is, is there, it’s expensive, it’s patient, or it’s receptive. And, you know, connecting with this person, what you felt and connected with is already within you, you know, like that, that space, that, that sense of connection is already available to you. And with that song, there’s that heartbeat, that connection that comes in. And, and it’s telling you to go back to that fire to go to connect back in with the Eagle Wolf and bear.

Lisa (31:39):

And it’s interesting. Cause, one of my primary guides, his name is soaring Eagle.

Abby (31:46):

Beautiful. What a beautiful guy to have it

Lisa (31:50):

Is. And of course, he’s representative of my indigenous culture within my great makeup.

Abby (31:56):

Exactly. Yeah. I move. And when you, as you say that within my great makeup of me, like, I feel all of this so much power in that because there’s so much history and all these lineages, like there’s so much strength within each individual lineage and then also the strength in this union and harmony of coming together and learning how to do that. You know, the act of doing that is such a beautiful and profound thing as well.

Lisa (32:23):

And I honestly feel that a lot of my journey growing up is coming to terms with the diversity of who I am and the people in my lineage who came together to create this being that is me.

Abby (32:46):

Yeah. It’s quite beautiful. It is quite beautiful. Just a whole colorful, vibrant village. What an interesting place to be. I’d rather, I’d love to be there instead of, you know, the same Ville. Well, that does make for an interesting conversation. Yeah. Right. But when you know that I’m sure that wisdom and that perspective, you know, that, that grants you is something that is very needed in this world any time. But especially at these times.

Lisa (33:30):

I think understanding having experienced so many things in my life and coming to an understanding, even working through some of the anger that I felt towards people towards society when I was younger and bringing myself to a place of healing and understanding, and coming to understand the situation, the dynamic and giving and gifting forgiveness for myself and everyone else was very profound for me.

Abby (34:10):

If there is someone who is in that situation where they’re trying to reconcile different cultures, different backgrounds, or, you know, being in a clash among cultures, what would you say to them on their journey,

Lisa (34:34):

Be true to your heart first it’s to who you are, be understanding of yourself, allow people to have their opinions and their understandings, however, understand that that is not your truth, nor your reality. And by allowing people to have their understanding, that allows you to educate.

Abby (35:13):

I feel that whole resonance detangling down my body. Thank you. You’re welcome. Yeah. So how can people find you if they’d like to work with you, Lisa,

Lisa (35:26):

If people would like to work with me, they can find me on my website, which is www.lisawongcreatingbalance.ca They can email me at lisa@lisawongcreatingbalance.ca. They can find me on Facebook, @lisawongcreatingbalance, and on Instagram at @lisa.wong.creating.balance.

Abby (35:52):

Awesome. Yeah, I love it. Well, thank you so much for doing what you do, for being you, for being this part of this unity of all of these different eclectic peoples and histories, and for the unique wisdom and, and expression of you that you share with the world.

Lisa (36:19):

Thank you, Abigail. That is gratefully received.


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