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New Year Journey Pt. 1

As we say farewell to 2021 and welcome 2022, this is an opportunity to become intentional with what we want to create in this next chapter of our lives. This journey will guide you into a future vision of a day in your ideal life.

As you explore this visioning journey, I encourage you to let go of any thoughts that say you can’t dream this big and approach it with a sense of play and discovery, as well as a pen and paper so you can answer the journaling prompts below after you’ve listened to the journey.

Journaling Exercise:

1. Listen to the Visioning Journey in Episode 14.

2. Journal what you discover in your ideal day from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.

3. Create a list of the changes you would need to make to create space for this life.

4. Create two more lists:
– Everything you’re letting go of in 2021
– Everything you’re welcoming into your life in 2022

5. When you’re ready, go to Part 2 here.

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Full Show Transcript

Abby (00:00:00) Hello and welcome to the Mind Body Free podcast. I’m your host, Abigail Moss. I am a healer, a teacher, and a mentor. I help people let go of past traumas, connect with their inner wisdom and purpose, and share their gifts with the world.

Abby (00:00:19) So we have a very special two episodes coming up. So I decided to break it down into two parts, part one and part two. We have a couple of journeys. We’re going to go on and today we’re going to go on a journey that is all about envisioning what you want to see in your ideal life as we move into 2022 and we say farewell to 2021. So we want to know what it is we’re calling in what it is we want to create in our life. And as we allow ourselves to go into our heart space to quiet the conscious thinking mind, because that’s where a lot of limitations will show up if you’re not allowed to dream that big. Oh, you can’t do this because of this, this and this, or you can’t have that because that change is too scary. So all of these things can pop up in our conscious mind.

Abby (00:01:12) But as we go deeper into the subconscious mind, connecting in with the heart, this is where your true desires are. And as you allow yourself to open up to receive a vision of a future in an ideal way for you, you might just be surprised with what you find there.

Abby 900:01:32) So this is all about giving yourself permission and listening to this journey with a sense of play and curiosity and discovery, knowing that it doesn’t need to mean any one thing right now, you don’t need to go and make any massive changes right away.

Abby (00:01:47) We’re just opening up to see a destination that your heart and your soul want you to see. And from there it is your choice and how you choose to move towards this life. So I’m going to be guiding you through a journey today of envisioning a day in your ideal life from the moment that you wake up to the moment that you go to bed.

Abby (00:02:13) And when I’ve done these kinds of exercises before, I’m often very surprised with what I find. It’s often things I didn’t expect, and it later made sense, and it later moved me towards what I wanted. And even if it seems impossible or unrealistic, well, for one know that everything and anything is possible, we live in a world full of possibility.

Abby (00:02:35) The only limitations are the beliefs that we impose on ourselves and to. If you allow yourself to dream big, even if you get another version or create another version of what you imagined, even if you manifest half of what you imagine in your life, that can still be amazing and way more than you would have created if you would never let yourself dream in the first place.

Abby (00:03:02) Let yourself dream, my dear. This is what this is all about. We’re opening up to new worlds of possibility, and in doing so, we begin creating them. So I’m going to guide you through a 20-minute journey today, and this journey will be most powerful when you give yourself the space to just relax, to close your eyes, to sink deeper and deeper into it.

Abby (00:03:24)And after that, there are some journaling questions, and I do encourage you to go to the episode page on And this is Episode fourteen where we have the breakdown of the journey and we have the journaling prompts. Then I encourage you to check that out because you’re going to get the most from being able to see those and refer back to them.

Abby (00:03:51) And I do encourage you to journal after this journey. So have your pen and paper ready because you’re going to get some really powerful and profound insights and it’s going to help you to process and integrate them consciously. So when we make the subconscious or the unconscious conscious, incredible things begin to happen.

Abby (00:04:18) So as you journal them, you’re bringing it from your subconscious into your conscious awareness and creating a bridge between your conscious and unconscious mind. So I encourage you to relax, to let yourself play, to let yourself imagine. Don’t worry about any limitations.

Abby (00:04:36) They do not apply to you. Any fears, anywhere your mind doesn’t want to permit you to dream this big. Just put all of that on a shelf and just let yourself see what you find. So without further ado, here is an exercise guiding you through a day in your ideal life is a live recording from one of my recent mentor classes.

Abby (00:05:00) So as you tune in, just imagine that you’re connecting with the energy of the whole group and everyone participating in this journey. And it will elevate your experience even more. All right. Happy travels.

Abby (00:05:18) So let’s close our eyes and just imagining some light pouring into you from above melting into your head and your eyes, and your third eye-melting into your brain, nose, ears, and throat, and just nourishing, healing, and cleansing away any stuck heavy or stagnant energy just allow that to release into the light.

Abby (00:05:45) And allowing that light to melt down into your shoulders and your arms and hands and just feeling it, relaxes every muscle and every part of you that it touches. Feeling that light melting down into your lungs as you breathe it and feeling the light going down into your belly, into all your organs, your heart, your liver, your stomach, and spleen, into your kidneys and down into the small and large intestines cleansing away any stuck energy in your gut.

Abby (00:06:21) And he trapped emotions or toxins, feeling that all being released into the light and feeling that light melting down into your hips and releasing any tension that had been held here and melting down your legs and into your knees and melting down your calves and shins and into your ankles and feet.

Abby (00:06:50) And feeling that light owning some tree roots coming from you and going into the Earth and going deeper and deeper and plugging in with a core of Mother Earth feeling that connection with the Earth, the pulsing energy, that heartbeat of the Earth that you’re linking up with now.

Abby (00:07:18) And feeling Mother Earth, sending some love and some energy up your tree, roots of your legs, filling up behind your belly button and overflowing up into the center of your chest in your heart center and radiating out filling your whole physical body. Extending three feet out, filling your whole emotional body.

Abby (00:07:48) And extending six feet out, filling your whole spiritual body, feeling that light, filling the whole room, you’re in the whole building, the whole city. The whole country and the whole planet. Feeling yourself fully connected and supported from above and below and wrapped in a bubble of light.

Abby (00:08:21) And in writing our guides, guardian angels, and beings of light to work with us, to support us, and seeing the most joyful, fulfilling, liberating day that we can see at this time. And coming back into your heart center, bringing your awareness into the space, just feeling yourself filled with light can in just a moment we’re going to move forward in time and take a glimpse into a day in your ideal life, into a life that feels deeply fulfilling, connected, loving, joyful for you.

Abby (00:09:05) I’m going to be moving forward, taking us in a moment. We’re going to be going from the moment you wake up until the moment that you go to bed, just imagining now that you’re going to be in that place where you’re waking up, drifting deeper and deeper and down now. And five, four, three two one. This makes you feel as if you were lying in bed.

Abby (00:09:4)1 And you feel the sun rising in the room that you’re in. And in just a moment, and you’re going to open your eyes and sense and feel and experience yourself here, you wake up on this day and you’re deeply fulfilled by opening your eyes and five and within the dream. Give me your actual eyes closed and look out into the room in five four three two one.

Abby (:10:15) Hi, imagine you’re here opening your eyes in this room. As you look around, what do you notice where the light streaming in from what your bed feels like? So the room you have now, or is it different? What does this room look like? What color is it? And is anyone in this bed next to you or is it all to yourself?

Abby (00:10:57) As you get out of bed and place your feet on the floor, just notice how the floor feels beneath your feet as it would as a carpet warm or cold to the touch. Moving into the next room and you go into the bathroom and see what it looks like here, going about your morning ritual.

Abby (00:11:27) And you’re ready, going downstairs, going into the kitchen and just noticing what’s happening around you as you’re here in the kitchen, noticing because of anyone else here? Laurie, do you make breakfast tea or coffee water? Do you journal? How do you like to start your day? Is it with movement? With a pen and paper or simply a quiet space.

Abby (00:12:08) No one should allow this to take you to happen next in your day to you. Where do you go next to do more movement? Do you leave the house? Do you stay here? You go to work. Are you seeing? Are you seeing anyone? Friends, family. Where do you go next? After your morning ritual?

Abby (00:12:40) I’m looking out around the house taking in how your house feels and looks and taking in the space around it, what is the terrain like? Are you near an ocean? You and a lot of lands. What does it look and feel like geographically where you are? Letting that feeling end and taking you through to midday now, what are you doing now, are you seeing clients? Are you creating? I’m visiting with others or taking time for yourself?

Abby (00:13:24) Abby: What’s happening now around midday? Around lunchtime? If you’re having lunch, are you eating with other people? Did you make it or did somebody else make it? What kind of food are you having? It feels good in your body. Moving through the afternoon, what happens next after lunch, do you see people, do you move your body?

Abby (00:14:11) Are you creating you taking time for yourself to see what is happening now? If you’re seeing people working with others, what kind of work are you doing? And what kind of people are you doing it for? You’ve seen them one on one or in the group. And with children or adults, men or women, or a mix of the above.

Abby (00:14:53) If you’re creating, how do you create do you like to write? Do you create visually? Do you perform? And moving forward now into the evening, around dinnertime and for dinner, are you eating alone or with others? Did you make this meal or did someone else make it? Where are you eating?

Abby (00:15:26) Abby: Is it in your home or another space? What does it feel like to be here having this meal, having this dinner, being in space? What are you grateful for at this time in your life on this day? And moving forward into the evening, what activities do you do after dinner?

Abby (00:16:10) And you lay to rest and reflect on your day. At a time when you like to create. I connect with others. Take space for yourself. Moving forward now, preparing to go to bed. The Sun’s gone down, it’s dark now. You do it before bed as you get ready for bed.

Abby (00:16:49) And as you go into bed and lay your head on the pillow and reflect on your day, how do you feel? But your day and about your life. Who are you grateful for? What brought you, Joy, on this day? What are you excited about for the next day? And closing your eyes and allowing yourself to slip through the dream of this day back into your present-day self and five four three two one just remembering clearly and easily recalling the details of this day within your conscious and subconscious mind, being able to recall and express what you experienced here.

Abby (00:17:53) Can you imagine now a set of stairs in front of you with five steps as you go on to step five? Feeling inspired and feeling queer, feeling connected to your whole self? Go on to step four feeling calm, confident, and clear on step three. Feeling more present and aware.

Abby (00:18:14) Fully hearing your body and the present moment. I’m being honest, I have to feel light and renewed because if you just had a fantastic night’s sleep moving on to step one and bringing this awareness, there are memories, there’s a visioning with you and two right here and now feeling fully alive and well in your body and taking some deep breaths and clapping your hands and rubbing them to create heat. And when you feel that heat is in the palms of your hands, place your hands over your eyes.

Abby (00:18:53) Feeling that heat in through your hand and through your eyes and down to your belly three times. And washing your face and your head and neck and shoulders and down your body.

Abby (00:19:21) All right. I hope you enjoyed that journey. I hope you permitted yourself to imagine an invasion and dream about what could be in your life. And some journaling now. So I encourage you to grab a pen and paper and journal what you found on your ideal day and then pause this recording as you journal. And when you’re ready, there’s one more question to answer in your notebook, right?

Abby (00:19:59) OK. So I hope that you have paused this, that you have written down what you found in your and your day in your ideal life, and if you haven’t, if you’re cheating, I encourage you to go back and write it down because this next question won’t make sense until you do so. The next prompt for you in the journal is to create a list of what would need to change in your life to make space for this vision.

Abby (00:20:31) What would need to change in your life to create space for this vision of this day in your ideal life? And I want you to write down, write down a list of everything you think of. Just let it be a stream of consciousness from as big or as little as you like. Just keep on writing and see what you find.

Abby (00:20:54) And that is our last exercise for part one and part two will be available shortly. Part two will be episode 15, where we go through a ceremony of letting go of what we are leaving behind in 2021 and stepping into what we are creating in 2022.

Abby (00:21:16) So thank you so much for listening, for connecting with your heart, and permitting yourself to dream big about what you like to experience, what you’d like to create in this beautiful life that is yours. So I’m Abigail Moss. This has been the Mind Body Free podcast.

Abby (00:21:36) Thank you so much for listening, for being a part of this journey. If you want help creating this life, then you can learn more about the mentorship program that I run. The registration closes soon and on January 13th. And this is a six-month journey where we connect each week and we learn how to heal, connect with our inner wisdom, purpose, and vision, and begin creating a life that feels deeply fulfilling for you. So you can learn more about that and me mind and you can find me on Instagram and Facebook @yourmindbodyfree, OK, my dear, until next time.


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