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The Healing Framework

In the Healing Framework, I share with you my approach to working with body, mind and spirit to shift energy, release blocks and bring in peace and freedom. I encourage you to participate as you listen so you can experience your own shifts as we go!

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Full Show Transcript

Abby (00:00:00) Hello, and welcome to the Mind Body Free podcast. I am your host, Abigail Moss. I’m a healer coach and mentor. I help people gain the tools, confidence, and clarity to heal themselves, to remember their deeper purpose, and share their gifts with the world. And Today. I want to talk to you about a framework between mind, body, and spirit, and one that I use to move through challenges, to understand kind of the matrix.

Abby (00:00:33) That makes up me or how I experienced life in this world and how I can work with that matrix. If you will, to let go of anything that isn’t serving me and to bring in healing and peace. And this is kind of the approach that I use for my inner journey of healing, as well as what I help others to learn and create freedom in their lives with.

Abby (00:01:00) So I have a lot of things I want to cover today. But I’m going to kind of break it down one by one. So I want to open up the concept of the mind, body, and spirit. So the body, as we know is an energy circuit, energy flows throughout the body. And with that, our body is also responding to our external environment and our internal world.

Abby (00:01:29) So it’s responding to our thoughts, our emotions, our beliefs, and as we do that, as we give meaning to the experiences that we have. Because it’s not any, it’s not the event or an experience that can cause something to be painful or joyful. It’s the meaning that we assigned to it. So if we assign meaning to that, or if we were told that something is bad or wrong, then when we experience it, we’ll feel shame.

Abby (00:02:01) We’ll feel discomfort because, at that moment, we’ve made about our wrongs through the belief that we picked up from somebody else. As an example, but the event itself, without any meaning that we give it without agreeing to any meaning that others have given it, it’s simply an experience. There are sensations, there are emotions.

Abby (00:02:25) There was your breath. And then the rest is what you decided to be. And the beauty is that you can decide to be anything at any time. So if you’ve believed something in the past that has left pain in your body, you can change the meaning that you’ve given to that. And in doing so change your whole reality.

Abby (00:02:48) So thoughts are, and beliefs are kind of a big deal and. When we have a thought or a belief that is not in alignment for us, that is untrue for us. Your body is going to try to reject it. Just as if you had a thorn in your side, your body will create pain and inflammation. It would do what it can to try to get your attention and try to get that out of your system.

Abby (00:03:19) And it’s the same thing with thoughts and beliefs. And by the way, beliefs are just thoughts that we give power to. By agreeing with them. So if you have a belief somewhere that you picked up when you were younger, that said you aren’t worthy, you don’t belong, or you’re not lovable. Those are painful beliefs because they’re not in alignment with your true nature, because just you being here, breathing, being alive, existing, being energy, being consciousness.

Abby (00:03:56) You are worthy of that. And to argue with that, to think you’re not worthy as arguing with existence and I, that might be a losing battle. So your body is going to try to reject things like that. And it’s going to do that through anxiety, depression, physical pain, chronic pain, illness, or disease. Unchecked for too long, it can progress to things like that.

Abby (00:04:28) So it starts as emotion, anger, sadness, grief, agitation, and then, you know, if left for too long, it can turn into those more physical manifestations. And so part of healing, these things that show up these symptoms, you know, anger, grief, pain, depression, anxiety. It’s about going in and releasing. What’s been trapped in the body.

Abby (00:04:58) That is a foreign object. What’s been trapped. That’s been poisoning the body and we do that by going back and by looking at, okay, what beliefs did I form when this thing happened? What did I believe about myself? What are, what beliefs have men hanging out there in the background causing us pain in my body, causing this discomfort

Abby (00:05:27) and with that there are emotions. So emotions are responses to the thoughts that we think. So you could think right now about a memory about any memory that felt joyful to you. One of the best things, just letting it appear in your mind, or you can simply think of joy and just think of the energy of joy and just call that in just for the sake of feeling it.

Abby (00:05:53) And then you’re going to feel a lightness, maybe an expansiveness. However, you feel that your body is unique to you, but it is your thought that welcomes that into your body. That welcomes the experience of joy into you. And it may also simply be a presence. And may also simply be a lack of thought that can bring joy.

Abby (00:06:22) Maybe joy is already a part of your nature. And as you shed the layers of thought and distraction, you simply reconnect with the essence of joy that is always latent inside of you.

Abby (00:06:39) And so, as we learn to harness the power of the mind, we learn how to point our attention into the places we want it to be instead of where we don’t want it to be because it’s not uncommon for the mind to obsess about what is causing it pain. And this can be kind of a mechanism of trying to heal that the mind can get caught in a loop.

Abby (00:07:05) A loop of feeling not good enough of feeling betrayed, abandoned, hurt in some way of feeling scared. And the mind can begin to obsess about thoughts about past experiences, about, um, distracting or addictive habits to numb the pain of that thought. So the mind can kind of spiral and get caught in thought loops.

Abby (00:07:35) And when that happens, it can feel overwhelming. Anxiety can kick in and the breath kind of pauses. So we can hold our breath quite a bit without realizing it. When we go deep into thought or emotion,

Abby (00:07:53) we can also hold the fullness of our breath for years. So we can stop breathing deeply and deep, deep breathing is kind of breathing into the diaphragm. It’s deep belly breathing. It’s allowing your belly to naturally expand as you inhale and collapse as you exhale. And so most people too, I’ve worked with don’t breathe deeply into their belly

Abby (00:08:22) the majority of the time. And I have gone through large periods of not breathing deeply into my body. And when we get caught in overwhelm or anxiety or living in our mind, then when we realize that the mind may try to think its way out of overthinking, we can kind of get in this thought loop of battling with ourselves, with the mind.

Abby (00:08:46) Yelling at itself is too quiet and that doesn’t help either. Then that becomes another part of this. We’re still not in the place we need to be, which is grounded deeply into the body. And so what we need to do to break that cycle comes into the breath. You need to breathe deep into your belly as you inhale

Abby (00:09:09) and allow your belly to collapse as you exhale. And as you continue breathing this way, it will naturally quiet the mind. It may have some sides kind of on the back burner and the distance that’s okay. Just be, keep returning to the breath. Just keep pointing the focus back to the breath. It will calm the nervous system.

Abby (00:09:35) And it will reactivate the flow of energy in your body because the body is an energy circuit and we, when we get lost in painful thoughts or emotions, or when painful thoughts and emotions get trapped in the body from experience that hasn’t yet been processed, we can hold our breath. And when we hold our breath, it stops the flow of energy in the.

Abby (00:09:59) And the energy and the body wants to always be flowing. It’s a circuit. It’s like water. You imagine rivers that are flowing. The water moves. It’s being nourished. It’s being cleaned. He gets if you go and you see, and it’s all stagnant and got some scum and stuff growing on the top, that’s not a healthy body of water to drink.

Abby (00:10:20) So you want the currents of energy flowing through us to be healthy, to move debris out, to keep us clean and nourished and well, and the breath moves that the breath will reactivate that current of energy that got caught that got paused or held back through a painful experience through painful thoughts and emotions.

Abby (00:10:47) Now with this, when you reactivate that current of energy, it also means moving the things that have been stuck, moving the debris that caused the flow of energy in your body to stop moving. And so that is the painful emotions and thoughts. And so you may or may not notice them, but when you breathe deeply into your belly over time, you may feel the emotion coming up.

Abby (00:11:13) You may have memories of something that wasn’t fully processed big or small as that emotion comes up. And that is just fine. That’s a good side. Well, what we want to do is to witness that and let it move through us to not hold on to that, to not identify as those thoughts at that moment and let them completely overwhelm us, because then we grab onto that and we create that loop, the thought loop in the mind, and we reactivate more painful emotions and we don’t need to do that.

Abby (00:11:49) So most emotions will move through you in a couple of minutes. And all you have to do is breathe and let yourself feel it and let yourself see the thoughts and with our breath, as we do this, we’re cultivating awareness. And as we cultivate awareness, it’s a form of presence to form a feeling in the body.

Abby (00:12:13) It’s a form of grounding into the body and allowing thoughts to be there, but not believing that we are all in that we are those thoughts. So it’s creating a space between you as the observer, as the consciousness, experiencing life, and the thoughts that appear in your mind. And as you create that space between you and those thoughts, you gain the freedom to let them go, the freedom to choose the ones that feel in alignment in your body, in your life, and to release the ones that have been painful or limiting.

Abby (00:12:51) So the breath is a powerful, powerful tool, and it may be very simple, maybe so simple. The mind would almost overlook it. The minor, I think it needs a very complex and complicated system to sort out its predicament, but step one is the foundation of breath. As you breathe deeply, it activates the current of energy in the body and gets energy flowing and moving as energy gets flowing and moving through the body.

Abby (00:13:29) Releases old emotions. It releases old memories, old things that have not been fully processed. And the process of releasing them is perhaps feeling the heat rising, perhaps feeling tears appear in your eyes. If you do this for long enough, perhaps thinking of something, having a realization. Remembering to understand something in a new way, or perhaps it’s a memory that doesn’t feel good.

Abby (00:14:03) I thought that didn’t feel good. And as it appears, you continue breathing and you realize it’s temporary. It is passing through you through the experience of you witnessing it. So you keep breathing

Abby (00:14:21) and that breath keep flowing. The breath, the energy, and the body keep moving. And it pumps that out of your system, perhaps you feel tingling in different places of your body. Perhaps you feel more sensation deep into your belly.

Abby (00:14:42) This is an awareness coming in as the deeper mind-body connection. This is the mind. You’re conscious of your consciousness, your conscious awareness grounding more deeply into the body and in doing so reactivating a liveliness in the body as we breathe.

Abby (00:15:06) And sighing is great. Sighing is a nice release. That’s so good for the heart. As you saw the heartless. The heart releases, anxiety overwhelm brings you back into the presence of feeling more centered. So the breath has the profound power of alchemy of transforming your system of releasing untrue thoughts, painful emotions of activating.

Abby (00:15:43) Your circuit of energy that flows through you. And as you do that, you begin healing physical problems because physical illness is where energy stopped flowing in the body. And when energy stops flowing, the part of the body is not able to be nourished or cleaned properly.

Abby (00:16:07) So we allow ourselves to breathe and to feel whatever comes up. So the body can come back into wholeness with that consciousness, with the energy that we are made of

Abby (00:16:24) the breath is a powerful, simple tool that you have with you. It is what you need as you come into this world and you leave this world with the final breath. It is where your spirit meets your body. And it is the circuit, the pump, which flows a circuit of energy through your body. And as you turn that switch back on, it also means being willing to feel emotions and in feeling the emotions you are releasing them.

Abby (00:17:00) That is the process of letting go of any tears that were not allowed to be shed is by allowing them to be shed. And no emotion can break. You are stronger than any emotion than any experience

Abby (00:17:21) because it’s all in the past. All emotions we hold onto are from the past, you’ve already survived it. Now it’s simply a matter of allowing it to be processed so that you can feel fully alive and. With the wholeness of who you are, your body, mind, and spirit, and the breath is a form of reunion with your body, mind, and spirit.

Abby (00:17:52) Yeah. And so as we come back into reunion with ourselves, you may feel a pulsing of energy flowing, a tingling. And if there are places where you haven’t been able to feel that have been numb for some time feeling it, you might feel temporary physical pain or emotion. And this is a process of thawing out.

Abby (00:18:19) So if you have lived in colder climates as I do in Canada, you may have been out for too long, in the cold without mitts on or. We’re hands are your toes get cold. They may have gotten to a point of being cold, then painful, and then numb. You can’t feel them anymore at all. And the other side of that, when you go back into warmth when you get inside, you might feel a tingling, and then depending on how cold you got, it might hurt you, your nerves might be just reacting to it.

Abby (00:18:51) The shifting from feeling so-called to coming back into the warmth. And this process of throwing out can involve some temporary pain, but it’s simply a process of transitioning back into a healthy state. And this is kind of the healing journey. We go into the discomfort and we breathe through it and we release that, which has not been serving you the emotions that have been trapped in the body, the untrue beliefs that are not in alignment with your natural, expansive, loving, free self.

Abby (00:19:30) And as we were released that we witnessed to ourselves. We let go of the layers that have of pain, of untruth, of emotion that kept us from seeing our natural state of the liveliness of balance of light of strength, because that’s always in. Always, that’s a part of you. It’s a part of your essence.

Abby (00:19:58) You are an infinite being with infinite potential and we kind of have a habit of putting ourselves in a little itty-bitty box. You know, we, we, we get handed these little boxes when we’re little kids, babies growing up saying, you are a girl, you are a boy. You are, you know, you can do this, you can’t do this.

Abby (00:20:22) You know, you are smart. And we have experiences where we decide if we’re loved, if we’re not, if we’re worthy, if we’re not, if we can belong or if we can’t and all of those beliefs are little boxes. And at that moment, those little boxes serve us because they help form our identity or they help us cope with something that we didn’t have any other way of coping with at the time.

Abby (00:20:49) But as we get older, the process of truly growing up, not just getting older, but growing up is learning how to step out of those boxes and step into who we truly are. And that is an expansive, free, loving, connected infant. And you, as you step into that part of yourself, which is always there, kind of calling you home, wanting to be found by you as you step into that part of yourself, the whole world, the whole universe opens up within you and around you.

Abby (00:21:35) Cause the boxes, the beliefs, the things that we identify with are simply the lens through which we see the world. And if I see you, if I see the universe as a scary place, then I’m going to find more and more things that scare me. If I see it as a friendly place, I will find more and more things to affirm that belief.

Abby (00:22:03) So we need to choose our beliefs in ways that are freezing and not. If you’d rather be free than limited, it’s your choice. And it’s not a comfortable process to challenge our own beliefs, but it is a profoundly powerful one. And so as beliefs come up, as a belief comes up, if it were to say, I am not worthy.

Abby (00:22:31) I would a hundred percent challenge that belief because how do I respond? When I believe that I put myself in any bitty little box, I probably don’t try as much to do the things that I want to do that would feel fulfilling to me. I don’t go there because I don’t believe I’m worthy of having that, of having that level of happiness, fulfillment, you know, peace and joy that that could, yeah.

Abby (00:22:58) I don’t believe I’m worried worthy. I could sabotage my relationships because I may not believe I’m worthy of feeling happy, or I may want to hide this thought. That’s been telling me I’m unworthy. I may want to hide behind that. Cause I don’t want anybody else to see that. So I don’t let myself be seen and heard and share my voice with the world.

Abby (00:23:26) Or I might simply cope with it. I might be a highly functioning person and I may, you know, maybe very successful, but I may still not feel good enough. And that feeling of not believing I’m good enough could steal the joy of all the success that I have and leave me wanting more, achieving more, having more, getting more that becomes an insatiable thirst that I cannot quench outside of myself because that thought is like a hole in the bottom of a bucket that all of that.

Abby (00:24:07) Success slips through, so it doesn’t get to fully nourish me. And so the way to heal that is by challenging the beliefs and we challenge the beliefs by asking step one. Is it true? And this is an honest question. There’s no right or wrong answer and you may get up. No. Or you may get up, definitely whatever comes up is fine.

Abby (00:24:39) And the next step after that is to challenge again. Can I be certain that it’s true? And as we ask this question, we start to wiggle it a little bit as if it were a tooth that needs to come out. We just kind of started giving it a little bit of a wiggle. I’m just loosening that a little bit. I don’t know if I asked myself, can I be certain that it’s true?

Abby (00:25:06) Like, well, what can I be certain of really not much. So it starts to soften the grip of that belief. Then I ask, who would I be without that thought? Who would you be without the thought that says you’re not good enough. You’re not doing enough. Any version of that? Can you imagine a life, a world where you didn’t have that thought I didn’t appear, and that can feel like a stretch for some people, but I encourage you to permit yourself to stretch there because as you stretch there, you’re opening up that world.

Abby (00:25:49) You’re opening up new circuitry in your mind. You’re shifting neural pathways from a play from a thought loop. That’s unworthy , not good enough. And you’re opening up a new pathway. What would that look like? If I didn’t have that thought and I could feel a little uncomfortable because you’re rewiring, the neural pathways in your mind can feel like your brain’s melting sometimes, but that’s okay.

Abby (00:26:19) That’s just part of the process. You know, it’s a good workout for your mind. And as you imagine that. Who you would be without a thought that says you’re unworthy, not good enough as you imagine who you’d be without that, you might start finding yourself more, calm, more ease, maybe free, whatever it is for you, permit yourself to stretch to that place.

Abby (00:26:55) And as we start opening up to that, we’re kind of wiggling that tooth more and more. We’re opening up a new doorway, a new thought way of, of possibility because anything is possible. We’re opening up a new doorway of possibility within ourselves and by extension around. ’cause your elder world is just a reflection of your inner world.

Abby (00:27:21) If you want to change your life, you need to start within.

Abby (00:27:29) And the next step is we look at the opposite of that thought, what would the opposite of a thought that says I’m not good enough? B or I’m not worthy. And it doesn’t need to be, it could be something unique to you or it could some simply be, I am enough. I am more than enough. I am worthy. And at first, it might feel uncomfortable to try that thought on.

Abby (00:28:00) Maybe you’ve been wearing this other one. That’s you’ve been in this little tiny box and have been squishy. And, and you got used to that. You got used to the squishiness in that box, but as you step out, I can feel expansive and liberating, but it can also feel unfamiliar. And that can feel a little uncomfortable because that old little box may be trying to hold on to it and might still be stuck to the bottom of your foot being like, no, you’re not worthy, but just put it to the side.

Abby (00:28:32) Just imagine taking that box off of you and placing it next to you. And wrapping it in a bubble of light. So it doesn’t go anywhere. It just stays put and everything attached to that thought stays there in that box next to you, no longer on you. And imagine yourself putting on a new belief as if you were getting a new hat and the hat said, I am more then, and just placing that on your head or a Cape.

Abby (00:29:02) The Cape feels good. You can grab a Cape that says I am worthy. I am enough. And just tying it over. Kate feels nice to me. I’m going to go with that one. How does it feel to where that thought says you are enough? You are worthy because you are, you’re worthy of being here. You’re worthy of being yourself.

Abby (00:29:23) We all are. There’s nothing you need to do to be worthy. And maybe, or maybe not, you were raised in a world where you believe that love and worthiness were conditioned. Conditional upon you doing something for someone else or achieving in some specific way, but it’s not, it’s not conditional. You are worthy of being yourself.

Abby (00:29:47) Simply by being here, you are worthy of that just like every animal and plant. Every tree in the forest is worthy of being the tree that it is. Every dog is worthy of being its delightful self. None of that’s conditional. The tree doesn’t need to have a certain number of branches or grow in a specific way to be worthy of being a tree.

Abby (00:30:18) And as a human being, you are not required to achieve, accomplish, or present yourself in any specific way to be worthy of being who you are.

Abby (00:30:34) So try that on allowing it to adjust, to settle in, start wearing that thought in reminding yourself of it regularly. If you’d like to let the other one go. If you are ready to move on from that ITI bit, a little box and step into knowing who you truly are, which is worthy, free, alive, lovable more than enough.

Abby (00:31:03) There’s nothing that can take that from you. There’s nothing that can change that. And maybe, maybe not, you had a belief that interrupted you realizing that for a while, but if you’d like to, now, you can let that go. And so we do a little exercise while we’re here, whether or not that thought for you is worthy.

Abby (00:31:24) Lovable. Good enough. I want you to put that in the box next. And I want to imagine we’re wrapping it in a bubble of light and we’re imagining a big white sky above us, filled with light. And we’re just sending that box, that belief that thought up into the sky. And as you send it up, you can acknowledge it.

Abby (00:31:50) You thank it for being here for helping you to process the world, as you knew it at the time. Likely when you were much younger to try to make sense of a somewhat insane world at times, but now you don’t need that anymore because now you have this deeper realization of your inherent worthiness and enoughness.

Abby (00:32:14) And I want you to feel that inside of yourself, feel the part of you within yourselves, within your heart. That knows that has always known that you are enough, that you are worthy of being here because you are, there’s nothing you need to do or make happen for that to be real. That has always been the case.

Abby (00:32:34) And there’s nothing that can change. And in you, knowing that you release that old belief fully and completely up into that sky filled with a light feeling of being sucked into this guy, letting it go safe. Right. And good to let that go. And remember who you truly are, where more than enough and free.

Abby (00:32:59) And as you let that go into the sky, just seeing it transforming into light streaks of light shooting in all directions, feeling that lightness within you, that ease within you having, let that go and just feeling raindrops of light, pouring down from above and hitting your skin and your face and just drinking in the light and the wisdom from this experience.

Abby (00:33:24) And as you do that, You grow stronger and even wiser. And knowing this truth within you, that you are worthy. You are enough, you are more than enough. You always have been, you always will be. And there’s not a thing that can change that. And what a joy to remember this about yourself, how liberating, how freeing.

Abby (00:33:52) All right. Thank you for going on this journey with me and remembering your breath, remember to breathe, and let the energy flow through your body. And if you get on this journey with me and I can kind of feel you, I’m going to wrap you up on a bubble of life. That’s all right because you’re processing now, you just let go of a foreign object that didn’t belong and was not in alignment for you.

Abby (00:34:17) And now. Your energy system, the circuit of energy flowing through your mind, body, and spirit is processing and reintegrating with that. And filling back up with you. Can you just imagine filling yourself up with light, filling back up with you and you might feel a little tired after this? You might want to take a nap and that is just fine.

Abby (00:34:40) You’re simply processing and reintegrating a part of yours. And you’ll feel phenomenal after. All right. Thank you for listening. I’m Abigail Moss. I’m a healer, a coach, and a mentor. I help people heal themselves. Remember their purpose and share their gifts with the world. And this is something that you’d like to learn, how to do to gain the tools, confidence, and clarity to heal yourself.

Abby (00:35:09) To remember why you’re here and what you came here to do. And to clear the path, to bring that into the world, then reach out to me. You can find me on mind, body free.com and you can book a free discovery. My mentorship program is open to registration now, and you can learn more about the mentorship on mind, body free.com/mentorship.

Abby (00:35:34) As a six-month program, we meet every week in really intimate class sizes. We meet online and at that time we connect for two hours and. It becomes a phenomenal journey of transformation that we go on. It is a safe and sacred container for you to be truly seen, to let go, and to grow. And with that, we have people go through so many profound shifts and transformations.

Abby (00:36:06) I work with people for six months or a year, depending on what they’re ready for. I also teach people how to be here. And in that time period, we’ve had people leave jobs and start new ones. We’ve had them change careers to leave their day job and become a healer in their way, sharing their unique gifts with the world.

Abby (00:36:29) I’ve had people move homes, cities, and countries to follow a path that feels aligned for them. Learn how to connect with a part of you that knows the way forward. And we do that through learning how to speak with your dreams, how to speak with your body, how to speak with your higher self, how to speak with anything that presents itself in your mind, your body, or your life.

Abby (00:36:55) And as we do that, anything is possible and doors, which used to feel locked are no longer there. They open up. And you have the courage and grace and knowingness of your worthiness to step through those doors. So if you like to learn more about me on mindbodyfree.com you can also find me on Facebook and Instagram at @yourmindbodyfree.

Abby (00:37:24) Thank you so much for listening. Thank you for your hearts. Thank you for being here and my love to you, take care.


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