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Thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person

On episode 12 of the Mind Body Free Podcast, I talk about what it means to be a highly sensitive person and how to navigate being an HSP in today’s world. Highly sensitive people represent about 20% of the population, and they’re wired differently. These creatives and empaths take more information into their nervous systems, which brings its own unique set of gifts and challenges.

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Full Show Transcript

 Abby (00:00:00) Hello, and welcome to the mind body free podcast. I’m your host, Abigail Moss. I help people heal, connect with their purpose and share their gifts with the world. And I want to talk to you today about how to thrive as a highly sensitive person. What is a highly sensitive person and how is that a gift, even though it may not always feel?

Abby (00:00:24) I’m going to walk you through how do you recognize if you are a highly sensitive person and the tools and challenges that we often face as an HSP and how to work with these challenges and as well, the gifts that come from being a highly sensitive person? So if you’re ready, relax, and enjoy. Here we go.

Abby (00:00:52) All right. So highly sensitive person is the term coined in the therapy world. And it represents about 20% of the population. And if you’re an HSP, you process things differently through your nervous system than most people. You take in more stimuli, and you may need more time to process things and work through things.

Abby (00:01:17) And the reason for that is because you’re taking more in. So we’re more inclined to feel overwhelmed. We’re more inclined to feel what other people or even the collective are feeling. So people who are in paths would also be considered highly sensitive people. They’re often very intuitive. They’re often very creative and they feel a lot and they feel deeply.

Abby (00:01:46) And I kind of see that as we’re taking more in and we’re taking it to a very deeper place. So while on the outside, it may seem like we’re moving at a gradual pace, actually doing a lot of inner work. And as we go through that and come out, the other side of it, we’ve come through such a place of depth that.

Abby (00:02:10) The transformation on the other side of when we bring forward what we’ve learned is even more powerful because of that. So what are the challenges? Let’s go over them? So highly sensitive people feel a lot. They feel deeply they’re prone to feeling overwhelmed by all of the difficult energies and ways of being, and thoughts and systems in the world.

Abby (00:02:37) They are intuitive and creative and they struggle in a rigid environment. So classroom environments and traditional school systems can be quite difficult. And so can the typical nine to five job in an office, it can feel very stifling to their creativity and their natural intuition. And so people who are highly sensitive do very well in a kind of forging their path and places where they’re able to fall into that creative flow and let that guide them.

Abby (00:03:13) Another thing that is important for highly sensitive people is to give yourself the space to release what you’ve taken into your nervous system. Because we do take in more. We do tend to feel more. Then it makes it even more crucial to have a personal practice than letting that go.

Abby (00:03:36) So highly sensitive people. We’re traditionally the people within the tribe who were the healers and the guides, and they often spend a lot of time alone. They would spend time in solitude to connect with themselves, with their envisioning, with the wisdom and insights that they wanted to come through and having, given themselves that space to connect in that way, they would then come back and share that wisdom and insight with the tribe.

Abby (00:04:04) And so they brought a lot of guidance and healing and that. But they were also given the space to do so and being a highly sensitive person and not having a space to do so can lead to intense overwhelm anxiety, eventually depression, because we’re often introverts. And we often recharge through having that time with ourselves or having that time in nature, having that time without stimuli coming at us to just be.

Abby (00:04:35) And to breathe and to release that stuff out of our system. So things like meditation, yoga, Xi, gong, uh, even journaling can be very, very helpful for highly sensitive people. Because if you imagine we’re going through the world, we’re going through the day and everyone we’re around and all the media that we see and experience and take in and all the high places.

Abby (00:05:01) Traffic. There’s going to be all kinds of energy there. And as we’re around that, we’re breathing it into our nervous system and our nervous system can become overwhelmed by all of that. So having the time and the space and the practice and the tools to release that from your system is so crucial for your overall sense of day-to-day well-being.

Abby (00:05:26)And I know that we are in. World and we’d have many lives where it doesn’t feel like there’s any space for that. But we can always create that space for ourselves. There’s always a way everything can be figured out. It’s never impossible. Just a matter of beginning to take that stand and realize what you need and that you are deserving of giving that to yourself.

Abby (00:05:50) And in giving that to yourself, you’re able to show up for your community, your loved ones in an even more powerful way and even more connected. Way and you also deserve to feel good. We all do. You deserve to be happy and you were just as deserving of that as anybody else. And you being an advocate for yourself is so, so crucial.

Abby (00:06:15) As you advocate for yourself, you saw an example of the value and worth and the self-love that you’ve given to you, and that helps others to see and give that to themselves. So. What can feel like a burden, feeling so much, feeling so deeply, getting overwhelmed with all of that? It can also be a profound gift because those who are highly sensitive have the innate ability to tap into it.

Abby (00:06:46) To go deep and tap into a world that’s more subtle and often overlooked. And in the subtle world is where a lot of the magic happens. So really creative artists are how to tap into that flow of creativity. And I kept something that comes from within them and around them. It’s a part of being in.

Abby (00:07:09) And as we connect with a part of ourselves, we access a certain kind of flow that comes from your inner wisdom urinating gifts. So when you learn how to navigate these terrains, you can use that ability and that intention to create profound healing for yourself to support others in incredible healing and transformation, as well as connect with yours.

Abby (00:07:37) Inner vision and heart and discover what is deeply fulfilling for you. What is deeply meaningful and ways that you can come into the world and bring your gifts into this world. So being sensitive enables you to tap into this more easily. You have an innate ability to access. Parts of yourself that have profound wisdom and insight and guidance and creativity and beauty to share with the world.

Abby (00:08:11) And we just haven’t had a lot of understanding of how to navigate that and our T in today’s world and or even what that is, what that means. So, you know, we live in a go, go, go world, and a lot is happening and a lot going on. And if you feel like you’re a highly sensitive person, if you get overwhelmed by that frequently, and it’s time to start giving yourself the space and the grace and the compassion to let that go to release the triggers that create those feelings and tune in with your inner guide, your inner wisdom.

Abby (00:08:52) And creativity because you have so many incredible gifts to share with the world. It’s simply a matter of learning how to work with. Your system with your mind, with your nervous system, with these innate gifts that are inside of you. And this is something that I support people in doing and helping them to connect with themselves and to heal themself and awaken that part of themselves that has all the answers so they can learn how to listen to that part of them and let that guide them.

Abby (00:09:25) So with that it’s a journey of going in with. Because I know that you have all of the answers that you need inside of you. You just need to learn how to connect with them, how to hear them. I mean, I did. And no one else can give you the answers it’s for exactly what you need, but you can give that to yourself and you have a medicine that’s in you that’s unlike anyone else’s.

Abby (00:09:57) So the world needs your gift. Lots are happening on the planet today. And we need all hands on deck. So who you truly are and what you come here to share with the world now is the time to discover that to embody that now’s the time to do what you came here to do. And if you don’t know what that is, and if you feel a little lost and overwhelmed and kind of disconnected from that, no.

Abby (00:10:28) It’s a part of you, you have a deep purpose for being here and something inside of you wants you to find that and you can find that it’s already something that belongs to you. And it’s simply a matter of learning how to navigate these aspects of yourself. This part of you, your light, your gifts, your peace, your freedom, your joy into your own life and the world.

Abby (00:11:00) Because as you do that, you contribute to this collective energy that helps us to shift into another space. As you learn how to heal yourself, you begin changing a world ripple by. And as you learn to heal yourself, you learn how to support others too, because we’re all going through our challenges, our struggles, but there are always ways through them.

Abby (00:11:29) They’re always, there’s always a place at the other side, waiting for you. And often I can feel like it doesn’t exist or it’s too much, or it’s overwhelming. You can get it, I don’t get weighed down by it. The heaviness of it all, but this is when it’s time to learn how to navigate that, to get support. Moving through that, I spent years feeling overwhelmed and anxious and depressed and angry and not knowing how to navigate myself or life.

Abby (00:12:01) And I spent several years learning how to do that. And once now that I know-how. There are so many ways that we can access this part of ourselves as part of ourselves within months, instead of years, within days instead of weeks. So it took me seven years to connect with my clarity and vision and who I wanted to be in the world, but it doesn’t need to take you that long.

Abby (00:12:34) You have those answers inside of. And as you learn how to go inward and connect with this part of you, and you know how to do that, you’re, you’re a sensitive person. You can do that. Everybody can, but those who are sensitive, have a special innate ability to tune in with that even more easily.

Abby (00:12:56) And as you kind of heals the things that blocked you from tuning in with that. Uh, in the first place, then that connection with yourself, with your higher self, with your heart, that gets easier and more established. And there’s, it just becomes a natural flow where you can begin just embodying the wholeness of view each day, the world.

Abby (00:13:20) It doesn’t mean that we don’t have challenges to overcome. That’s just part of life on earth. You can come towards them with a sense of empowerment, knowing that you have everything you need to move through that. And knowing that you are stronger than any obstacle you will ever face. So if you feel like you’re a highly sensitive person, step one is to give yourself some space to connect with you, to recognize that this is crucial and you are worthy of that.

Abby (00:13:51) And in doing so, you will also. Bring more light and connection to those that you love and to the world. And number two is learning how to navigate these parts of you. This deep train is within you so that you can connect with your inner healing and wisdom and guidance. And for many of us doing it in a community is an incredibly powerful thing.

Abby (00:14:18) I guess having a place to come back to on a steady basis, creates such a powerful momentum in your life. And in that space of continuity, it enables you to grow and change so much and to continue moving in the direction that you want to go with. As well as knowing that you’re not alone, you know, being a sensitive person, we’re about 20% of the world and it can feel like we’re just wired differently because we are, and having your community of others who are like you and of kindred spirits who are going through similar challenges to you who are also looking to find peace and freedom and understanding and purpose within themselves.

Abby (00:15:03) Then we hold a frequency for each other. That enables so much transformation and healing and growth within that space to come and be seen and to share your learning, and you teach each other so much. And knowing that you’re not going through any of these struggles by yourself and moving through these things, knowing that there’s nothing wrong with you.

Abby (00:15:28) You’re not broken. You’re not crazy. You just need the support and guidance and space. Navigate this powerful part of you, these gifts that you have to help to shift them from feeling overwhelming and into a space of understanding and tools and purpose to navigate this world that we live in. So if you think you’re a highly sensitive person, and if you’d like support and healing and connecting with your inner vision and purpose, then.

Abby (00:16:05) The mentorship program might be right for you. Uh, it starts in January and we go every week where we connect for an hour and a half to two hours, depending on the week. And we have an intimate group of up to six people and we connect for six months. And in those six months, a container of sacred support.

Abby (00:16:28) Is held that you can transform in such a deep and profound way with it. So we come together and we teach each other so much and we lift each other and we hold space to unfold them. And within that space, you learn to. To navigate, being a sensitive person to navigate healing yourself, to navigate connecting in and tuning in with the energies that are in life that are in the world that are in yourself and learning how to.

Abby (00:17:01) The ones that don’t serve you well, connect with the ones that bring you more flow and freedom and peace, and bringing that into yourself and your life enable you to then bring that into the world and bring your gifts and your vision in the world. And, you know, traditionally I mentioned, we play the sensitive people, often playing the role of the healer and guide.

Abby (00:17:26) And the world needs healers and guides. It needs those who are here to bring their medicine into this world, to heal themselves, and learn how to share their gifts because now’s the time. And you deserve to realize how powerful and magical you truly are. So, if you like to learn more, you can go to mindbodyfree.com/mentorship.

Abby (00:17:55) You can schedule a free discovery call to see if this is the right fit for you. You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook as you are mind, body. So, thank you so much for listening. My love for you knows that you are beautiful. You have so many gifts to share and that peace and freedom are available to you.

Abby (00:18:16) You can create that in your life, right. I’m Abigail Moss and talk to you soon.


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