Why It’s Impossible To Be A Bad Person

There are no bad people, just untrue beliefs. No baby comes into the world ‘bad’ or ‘up to no good.’ Babies arrive at earth bright, open, and in need of love and connection.

 It’s overtime that we get imprinted with beliefs about our own worth, other people’s worth, races, sexes, animals, nature, money, relationships…. the list goes on.

We collect beliefs about ourselves and life without even knowing it. To our minds, it’s just the way things are. It becomes our reality, and we end up seeing the world through the filter of our beliefs, even when they cause us pain.

All babies come into the world needing love and connection. Through studying orphanages, we’ve discovered that babies can actually die from a lack of physical touch and affection. It’s essential for a baby’s survival to find a connection. And this need for connection remains a part of us as we grow older. Loneliness is estimated to shorten life spans by 15 years.

And yet we get imprinted with beliefs that cut us off from ourselves, each other, and life itself. If I believe others are superior or inferior to me, I cut myself off from them, and from my own heart and soul that craves connection. I may even hold hate in my heart, which is akin to drinking poison each day that I let that hate live inside me.

If I believe the world is unsafe and unkind, I turn away from it and isolate myself. If I believe that nature is going to screw me over, I turn away from my own nature, and from life itself.

But everything I’ve described comes from a belief, not the essence of a person. Remember that babies come into the world a bright light looking for connection. You are still that bright light, and so are your neighbor, co-worker, friend, family, and even foe. Any conflict between yourself and them doesn’t come from your essence, it comes from your beliefs and their beliefs.

Destructive beliefs get passed down from generations, cultures, fears, and confusion. But they don’t need to continue on that way. Becoming aware of them as individuals and as a society is the first step to becoming free of them.

My job is to help you become free of any beliefs you picked up along the way that are cutting you off from experiencing the depth of connection available to you.

And in becoming free of untrue beliefs, we reconnect, we remember who we are, and we see the magic of life for which we a part. And that is a profoundly beautiful, healing, and transformative thing.



Abigail works remotely and face-to-face with people around the world; helping them to remove personal blocks, heal and claim their freedom.

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