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Belonging As a Healer

Sometimes, as healers or highly sensitive people, it feels like you’re different from everybody else; like you’re a circle in a world filled with triangles. We search and search for that one place that feels like home. A place where it’s ok to be 100% ourselves. But there’s a crucial shift in the way we see things that need to happen so we can truly find that place. ⁠

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Full Show Transcript


Hello, and welcome to the mindbodyfree podcast. I am your host, Abigail Moss. I am a healer, a mentor, Shaman, and a guide. I work with men and women all around the world. And I work in intimate groups where we learn how to heal, connect with our passion and purpose, and share our gifts with the world. I stand for the healing and awakening of life on earth. And my role in that is to reawaken the healer and activate a deeper connection with life. I want to dedicate this podcast to all of the sensitive people out there to everyone who feels a calling to do more, to show up in a bigger way, who knows that there’s something just slightly outside your grasp and your awareness right now knows that it is real. You are not crazy. It does exist and you will find it. And this is what I help people do regularly.

Abby (01:07):

This is what I did myself, and this is my job. And moving in now to something that I see a lot of people who are on this path, something a lot of us feel or how felt at some point is a struggle with belonging. It can be a feeling like you just are different, and it’s hard to make sense of a world that doesn’t make sense. And it’s hard to find your place in that sometimes. And you know, as I want to just call us healers, but it’s the people who are, who are sensitive, you know, call them Wayfinders in the Polynesian culture. It’s the people who are the guides who go deep beyond what we agree upon. As our collective reality, they go deeper and they go within themselves. They go within the universe and they gather deep ancient wisdom. They gather new insight, a new perspective, a new way of being, and they bring that back to the tribe.

Abby (02:09):

They bring that back to the people, and then they share that in their way, through the expression of their unique gifts, to support and elevate consciousness, as we know it. So it’s a big job, but it’s a good job. It’s deeply rewarding and deeply fulfilling. And it looks different for everybody, but some similarities for people who are these healers, these Wayfinders, these guides are often very creative, often very sensitive. So there’s something in psychology called highly sensitive people or, um, HSP. And it’s about 20% of the population where our nervous system actually takes on more information. It is more able to sense subtle things around us, subtle energies, emotions, happenings around that many people don’t pick up. And so this can be a burden and this can also be a blessing. And with this, there’s a, can be a feeling of overwhelm. Like a lot is going on because you’re feeling everyone else’s stuff along with yours, as well as the kind of collective energy on the planet and the planet itself.

Abby (03:17):

And, oh my goodness, it’s a lot, but there are ways to release that, to heal with it, to work with it. And through it. And these people who are the healers, the guides, the Wayfinders, they were kind of just wired differently. We have a tendency to look at the world and question it. We have a tendency to see things, to see the flaws and the systems, to not accept the status quo, to either get about it, um, or discourage the disillusions you, and this is kind of part of the earlier stages. When you’re going through that. Awakening can be a lot of anger. The Camille, a lot of depression, there can be a lot of grief because you see all of these things in the world, all of these systems that are dysfunctional, that are destructive and a part of you knows, there can be a better way, and it doesn’t feel like you fit into all of that stuff.

Abby (04:08):

And you’re not meant to, you’re meant to change it. You’re meant to be part of that change that comes here and brings a new reality and supports, facilitates a new reality coming into the world and how you do that is through the unique expression of your gifts and getting support in that journey is so, so crucial. It’s so important. I spent seven years traveling the world, working with incredible healers and teachers and guides and shamans. And it was the support that I needed to find my way back to myself, to find my healing and peace within myself, to learn how to heal myself and help others. And with that, I’ve created kind of a framework, kind of a journey that I guide people through, which involves first letting go of all of those, all those things that have happened. Because if you’re like most healers, you’ve probably been through some.

Abby (05:10):

Some stuff happened. That’s been hard and that stuff still lives in your nervous system, still lives in your body and your memory and your psyche and your emotions. And I kind of look at that stuff as like a Boulder, like there’s a big, heavy rock that we’re carrying around and we’ve got our arms wrapped around it. We’re trying to go out and do our things like, all right, let’s go see what my purpose is, or let’s go make a change in the world, but we’re carrying this big, heavy Boulder. And it’s hard to get anything done when you put your arms wrapped around those things. And you’re just trying to keep it up. So the first thing that I guide people on how to do is to put that Boulder down is to let that go because that’s liberation. And from that place, you can do anything with that.

Abby (05:53):

Step one, put that down, put that polar down, let those go. And you can, you know, I don’t believe that anything is a life sentence. And I don’t care if, if I shouldn’t say I don’t care, but I don’t personally, it’s not my belief system that you have to live with any condition for the rest of your life. So even if a professional has told you that this is how it has to be forever, there’s always another way you can heal anything. Your mind is dynamic. It is elastic. The cells within your brain can regrow just like stem cells, which is amazing. Neuroscientists are blown away by it. Um, epigenetics, you can change what’s going on in your DNA. How we respond to the traumas we’ve been through is what turns on and off triggers that cause schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, there’s something called PTSD.

Abby (06:55):

There’s also PTG post-traumatic growth. And that PTSD can change the PTG at any moment, depending on how you work with what happened. And so I teach people how to work with what happened and how to let that go so they can grow through it. They can rise like a Phoenix coming out of the ashes teaches you. It helps you become more strong, more resilient. And ultimately when you go into that place that has been heavy and you bring light to it and you understand the meaning behind it. And you let go of the weight. That’s a path back home to yourself with an entry point back into you as all those things that hurt are the things that have been stuck with any of them that are not in alignment with your true nature. So if there’s any belief that says, you’re crazy, if that doesn’t feel good in your body, that means it’s not your truth.

Abby (07:52):

It says you’re not worthy or not good enough. That does not feel good in your body. If that doesn’t feel expansive if that feels restrictive, that your body is trying to reject that thought. So your body’s saying that is not true. Get that out of you. So I teach people how to get that out and come into what is true. What is expensive? What is freeing? Because you are not your thoughts. My dear, none of us, our thoughts are energy. They’re separate from you. You are the observer, you are the witness of those thoughts and you have that freedom. You have the right to choose your thoughts. So let go of what is not in alignment with you and your highest good and expansion and bring in what is my dear. So as we do this, we shift into growth. We shift into expansion.

Abby (08:40):

We shift into a profound, beautiful, deeper connection with ourselves. And that is where you ultimately belong. It’s within yourself. It’s when your heart, it’s in your spirit, it’s in your truth and highest alignment with your whole self and is within your place within you within nature within the universe with energy and consciousness because you have a place within all of that. And right now we’re being called to claim our place, to remember who we are, where we came from, what we came here to do. And all of those answers are inside of you. And my job is to help you find them. So I’m a facilitator guiding you back home to yourself. You already know what to do. It’s just remembering that part of you that is remembering that ancient wisdom that wants to be expressed through you. So you can activate into who you are meant to be in this life, in this world.

Abby (09:39):

At this time, it’s really fun stuff. And something that I do in my mentorship is guide people through just this. We learn a map back to ourselves and how to let go of that. Boulder, how to let go of that pain, how to release those untrue thoughts around your body, your truth, your divinity, your power, your wisdom, and your gifts. We get a lot of clarity in your future self and bring that into today. So we often work backward into how we are, what am I supposed to do? What is this going to look like? I don’t know how you could know it hasn’t happened yet. We learn how to work differently with time, how to move forward and backward with our consciousness, which is not limited by time and space, unlike physical matter. So we learn how to go forward into that life.

Abby (10:28):

That deeply fulfilling, purposeful and joyful life and see it and taste it and smell it so you can know what you want. You can know where you’re going. You can get clear on the destination. And then we draw that back. And then we draw back the steps to getting there. And we bring it in with profound clarity. And this allows you to elevate the level up to that place so much faster because now you know where you’re going and you know how to get there. And then we work together to clear the path to get there, because as you’re on this path, this deeply fulfilling, important, powerful path of being in your power and divinity and sharing your gifts with the world that are so needed, by the way, stuff’s going to come up. And that stuff can look like fear of being seen, not feeling worthy, not feeling good enough, why bother?

Abby (11:20):

It’s going to fail all that stuff. And this is just natural. You know this is a natural part of being on that path because it’s just your soul being kind enough to show you all the stuff that’s been getting in the way of moving forward and showing you all the things that need to be cleared. So you can move forward on the path that’s made for you. And so together we do that. We clarify that we let that go. We released it because I wasted years. My dear, I always said years, getting stuck up and caught up in those beliefs and those fears and I didn’t need to, and you don’t need to either. So together, we rapidly move through that gunk, that mud that’s just there to push and challenge you and see how much you want it to push you to take a stand for yourself.

Abby (12:06):

And together we lift each other through frequency, through love, through connection and support, and a safe space to let that stuff go to rise above it and move forward and be who you truly are, which is pretty fun because I believe that that’s kind of our destiny. That’s that. Our birthright is to be in the full expression of our authentic selves to tap into our limitless potential and share our gifts with the world and contribute to this global collective time of transition of awakening, of the challenge of all the things happening at once. Culminating coming to a head now is the time to step into your power, to do what you came here to do, to remember who you truly are to embody your authentic self, and have a lot of fun doing it. And the Dalai Lamas of the purpose of life is to be happy.

Abby (13:07):

I’m not going to argue that when we are filled up when you are filled up and full of joy and living the life you are meant to be living that just lights your heart up, you spread so much love into the world. You share your gifts. Naturally, everything seems easier. That’s a beautiful thing to contribute to this planet. Beautiful thing. So, my dear, this is what I do. And this is how I support people. I do this through mentorship. I have a six-month mentorship that I work with people every week we connect over zoom. We have an intimate class. So everyone has a chance to share, to be coached. And it creates a safe space. This is our container of support that you get to transform in that you get to let go and gourd and is supported by your peers.

Abby (13:58):

And together, we learn exercises that you practice with each other. We do guide journeys of going inward into yourself, into your healing, your magic, remembering who you are and where you came from, transforming your relationship with life and death, transforming your relationship with your soul, transforming your relationship with the past, with the future, with the many lifetimes in between and connecting with your higher self, your higher wisdom, your higher guidance to navigate this world in a way that feels deeply fulfilling, deeply impactful and joyful. So if that’s something that calls to you, then I encourage you to reach out, to book a free discovery call and we can chat and see if it’s the right fit for you. Because I see your heart. I feel that I know what it feels like to feel like there’s so much going on and you don’t understand everything that’s happening.

Abby (14:56):

And you’re wondering half the time if you’re crazy, but you experienced these things that don’t line up with what society says is our reality, but it feels so real. And that’s because it is because there is more out there than what meets the eye. There is more than what we’ve seen in the media and what we’ve been taught and what we’ve collectively agreed to be the reality, because the stuff is ancient wisdom, reemerging resurfacing, you know, before colonialism, before the days of the witch trials, before all that stuff, cultures all around the world were nature-based was shamanic. They worked with plants and herbs and energy and rhythm and music and dance and consciousness. And the shamanic kind of way of being lived differently through all these different cultures, including European cultures. So it was part of all of our roots at some point, and the ones who were the healers and those cultures are the sensitive ones who are the Wayfinders.

Abby (16:05):

They could feel into the subtle and feel more into what’s happening. Then what meets the eye. And if you feel there’s more out there calling you, then it’s time to answer that call you’re being called for a reason, you’re being called into your purpose into a deeper expression of yourself, answering that, calling it the incredibly beautiful transformative path, and you don’t have to do it alone. You can do with the support of your tribe. You can do it with guidance so that you can get back to that place within yourself, within that knowing and getting to share what you’ve come here to do within months, instead of years, as it took me. It doesn’t need to take you that long. All right. So I love you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being you and for your beautiful hearts. You have a voice. You matter, you are significant.

Abby (16:57):

You are not crazy. You are becoming saner. My dear, if you have any questions, reach out to me. Book a discovery call or check out more information at mindbodyfree.com. And if you enjoyed this episode, please like, share, and subscribe. And if you leave a review, that’s super helpful in getting the message out there. And if there’s anyone in your life, who’s a sensitive person who is a healer at heart. Then I encourage you to share it with them too. If you want to connect up with me, you can also reach me on Instagram @yourmindbodyfree and Facebook @yourmindbodyfree. All right, until next time, my dear. 


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